Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Courses

Do you sometimes feel people are taking advantage of you? Then probably you’d like to have the confidence and the strategies to say ‘no’. Do you find it difficult to speak up in a meeting? Do you feel blood rushing to your head when you feel all eyes at pointed at you? You probably can do with a confidence boost.

We offer several assertiveness and self-confidence training courses. They are great to build a good dose of self-esteem and discover assertive communication strategies that will help you deal with uncomfortable situations and people.

Assertiveness Skills

The assertiveness skills training program is for you if you want to improve your confidence and to learn how to say ‘no’ without affecting your relationships. Learn the skills to effectively handle overbearing people and deliver confident and assertive messages.

It is also a great assertive communication training course for people who can be perceived as overbearing and who are looking for ways to moderate their dominant style of communication.

We deliver this workshop tailored in-house everywhere in Australia with local trainers.  Read more

Speak Up, Be Heard and Feel Confident

This confident speaking in public training program is for you if you want to improve your confidence and speaking skills in situations such as meetings and social gatherings. This course aims to make you more confident when interacting with others, speaking in all kinds of informal situations and presenting in front of small groups. It’s a confidence course for anyone who would like to feel more comfortable speaking up and being heard.

We deliver this speaking with confidence course as a tailored in-house workshop across Australia. Read more

Assertiveness and self-confidence training programs improve your self-esteem and productivity. Our courses help assertive skills throughout the organisation. We economically customise our in-house courses to your needs.

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