Bystander Intervention testimonials


Sunshine Coast Council - Participant

"It was well presented. Great course. Interesting all the way through."


Department of Education and Training VIC – Kathleen

"I was able to take away valuable life adult skills. This session really made me rethink how I act towards others in the office. I really appreciate Jill's enthusiastic nature."


The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Nicola

"Excellent approach, open dialogue and challenge answers and perception. Jill is an excellent facilitator and brought out deeper learning from attendees."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Participant

"Great presentation and very helpful."


Corrections Queensland – Nikki

"As a new supervisor who has experienced some tough conversations, the training really highlighted areas that I can continue developing in while also being mindful of how I can respond."


Queensland University of Technology – Wayne

"Great program aimed very appropriately."


Individual - Shondelle

"Thank you for organising a wonderful experience with Kate. She was fantastic."


Sunshine Coast Council – Participant

"Training was beneficial. Suzanne was really good at engaging the participants and encouraging diverse perspectives and sharing."


Department of Education and Training VIC – Adrian

"Brilliantly facilitated, thanks Jill, the session was highly informative and full of constructive suggestions. Really appreciated."


Corrections Queensland – Jennifer

"Suzanne kept the training engaging and fun despite the topics being quite serious. She covered all content as requested and I believe will have made staff stop and think, as well as myself."