Coaching Skills for Managers testimonials


Wyndham City Council – Participant

"This was honestly the most engaging training I have done in a long time. Mark was fantastic, it was fast paced and he was able to adapt the session to accommodate specific needs."


Australia Post – Lyn

"Craig highlighted new ways of approaching staff when behaviour falls. He was knowledgeable about the subject as such the session was engaging and interesting. One of the better training sessions I have attended during my time as a manager. Very practical and sensible advice, Craig is indeed very skilled at presenting this topic."


YMCA – Carolyn

"Very knowledgeable. Great ideas. Positive learning experience. Training relevant to anyone managing or supervising others. Cheat sheet really helpful. Paul created a safe place for learning some strategies and a framework around coaching. Thank you!"


Banyule City Council - Vanessa

"Mark was very engaging, great content knowledge and examples. This was a good course. Great to refresh skills and network with other leaders to discuss coaching ideas."


Asahi Beverages – Eric

"Great to have training back in the agenda! Naomi was super engaging and enthusiastic. Super engaging content was the right mix of interaction and PowerPoint slides."


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Cordelia

"A very engaging presentation with great information & tips. The activities were at the right level, illustrated points well & proved very memorable for follow-up discussion amongst the team."


Senversa – Steve

"Justine was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Made the group feel very comfortable very quickly, which led to open discussions. Very well-presented course, that teaches practical skills for providing feedback and coaching team members."


Bitu-mill – Adam

"Would like to really thank you Justine for your insight and time into opening our mindset into new avenues of leadership. Great program. Justine did a great job in the current environment (COVID19). Thank you again."


Intertrek - Matt

"Paddy provided an informative friendly atmosphere. Enjoyed the experience and was easy to share and relate personal experiences."


Salvation Army Employment Plus - Will

"Paddy was brilliant! The workshop was fantastic! GROW was quite a useful approach. Will surely recommend to others as it is a ‘value-add’ course."


Victorian Ombudsman - James

"Maggie has a good relaxed style and gave relevant examples. Really good to get different ideas about how to manage staff and provide feedback."


Fair Work Commission – Gail

"Cherry was outstanding. Assisted in talking through issues and providing examples of different ways to achieve a result. Cherry was awesome. Have already used some of her examples, and tips already especially with holding difficult conversations. The role plays were also extremely good. The workshop was well run, the information was relevant, and Cherry was awesome. Everything discussed was useful and I will be using everything Cherry took me through. "


Moonee Valley City Council – Tracy

"Justine is a dynamic presenter who is very engaging and the session is informative and empowering. Thank you."


Victorian Ombudsman - Shannyn

"Thanks Maggie – super interesting, very relevant, and beautifully explained course!"


Australian Industry Group - Ann

"Renee is an extremely good training facilitator, very skilled coach. Fantastic! So much information to take away. Very well covered in one day."


Akritidis Group - Joe

"Paddy was informative with real life examples. The models provided are a tool which is easily adopted."


Victorian Ombudsman - Participant

"Excellent workshop. Really relevant and engaging – one of the best I have been to while working at Victorian Ombudsman."


Moonee Valley City Council - Leanne

"Very beneficial workshop – has helped me feel more comfortable about giving “feedback”."


Institute of Public Accountants - Andrew

"Renee was brilliant, well qualified and wide experience."


Moonee Valley City Council - Tracy

"Justine is a dynamic presenter who is very engaging and the session is informative and empowering. Thank you."



"Always top quality facilitators. Paddy was fantastic and challenged us to think outside our comfort zone."


Victorian Ombudsman - Jessica

"Maggie is fabulous! One of the best facilitators I have seen. Engaging, thoughtful and approachable with a strong knowledge of the subject matter."