Creative Problem Solving testimonials


ComActivity – Kristina

"Loved the level of interactivity. So much better than just listening."


CPA Australia – Participant

"Good balance of presenter speaking, breakout room and group discussion. Powerpoint content was well presented and useful."


Victoria Police – Jerry

"Craig was an exceptional facilitator. He provided a very comfortable environment for all to participate and the subject matter of this was very relevant to all. Huge thanks for Craig for his charisma, knowledge and facilitation skills. "


Vision Australia – Cathy

"Christine was very thorough and a fantastic presenter. Thank you Christine, this training has been invaluable – excellent."


Victoria University – Participant

"I enjoyed the creative problem solving workshop it was interactive and collaborative among participants."


Banyule City Council – Kristy

"Rob was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Good amount of interaction."


Victorian Funds Management Corporation - Laurent

"Really appreciate Stephen’s approach, communication and ability to motivate the team."


Plantation Homes – Taylor

"I came in today thinking it would be boring, but I was wrong! Mark taught some very useful and beneficial technique to use in the personal and work life. Mark is a great guy and he uses interactive materials. I had a great informative day and Mark runs a great presentation. Thanks for the day, Mark"


Wyndham City Council – Ivy

"Craig was very engaging and was able to sustain the interest of the participants throughout the day. Highlights were the different methods that can help facilitate critical thinking and hearing the insights of the other participants."


Estia Health – Jayne

"Mark is very engaging, approachable, instantly likeable and funny. I have now a more structured, clear way to approach making decisions."


Victoria Police – Judy

"Awesome course – tailored and relevant. Great facilitator – Margo was very engaging and knowledgeable."