Customer Service testimonials


NSW Health – Lauren

"Great workshop, very relevant and loved the different approach."


Trade and Investment Queensland - Lanz

"I wanted to extend my gratitude to both of you for creating and facilitating a successful workshop. You were both lovely to work with, we enjoyed your facilitation style Naomi, and our team unpacked and took away plenty of learnings to digest and follow through. The workbook will continue to be a resource for us, and we were impressed with the tailored materials created for this event (including the name placards!)."


GrainCorp – Eloise

"Very engaging. Extremely valuable program and encouraged me to think in a different way that will value myself and my team going forward. Content was informative and presented in a way that will embed into my everyday life."


Queensland University of Technology – Madelein

"Naomi is personable and engaging. Really like her style. Very valuable session to learn how to best utilize every team member’s strengths and how to be mindful of boundaries for each style."


Jungheinrich – Rhianna

"Relatable content and Gary was easy to talk to. No wrong questions/answers just a better way to approach situations was provided. Very helpful. "


SBS - Kelly

"Graham was so lovely. Shared great ideas and suggestions with us about improving our customer service skills."


Metro Tunnel RSA - Steve

"Matt was very knowledgeable, concise and supportive. He made the environment safe and comfortable for participants to open up and ask questions."


Danebank Anglican School for Girls – Deirdre

"I appreciated being together as an admin staff. Sarah was very engaging and helped promote good discussion."


Studio Pilates – Sam

"Naomi was very confident and knowledgeable. Probably the best workshop I've ever done. Very relatable with real life skills."


Peninsula Leisure – Nicole

"Even after many years in customer service I still learned many things and found it informative. A good check in to remind myself of how my behaviour is perceived by customers."


gotafe – Don

"Having spent 44 years in a Customer Service role with Australia Post, in Real Estate, as a greengrocer and with gotafe, it was good to see a new take on what customer service is and how to hone the skills required."


CDA Health – Katrina

"Thanks Caitlin. It was very informative & helpful."


Hub Australia – Laura

"Monique was very engaging and motivating. Loved it!"


SBS – Participant

"Graham was really informative while also keeping the training really fun and interesting. I found myself engaged the whole time (despite it being a virtual session!). He did a great job of using real examples/personal experiences that were relatable."


Suncorp Bank – Matthew

"Very valuable learnings for the team, I am very confident that many will take a lot of learnings from this."


Custom Fleet - Mitchell

"Great and engaging, Monique is a joy and her passion comes through the screen. Brilliant content and facilitator."


Better Built Homes – Melissa

"Great day. Sarah is a very engaging facilitator."


Studio Pilates – Participant

"Naomi was approachable and personable. She shared personal experiences and really made an effort to engage with each person in the class and understand the business."


NIDA – Participant

"Fun and informative."


Better Built Homes – Wilson

"Exceptional workshop with great practical examples and team learning dynamic and good time management."


ABC - Participant

"Monique is a fantastic facilitator and it's made me rethink how I have conversations with my team members. I was engaged throughout and enjoyed the breakout rooms."


VETASSESS – Jennelyn

"The program is very useful and Jill has an excellent knowledge and experience based on how organised and the way she deals with the questions from the participants."


Long Track Pantry – Madaline

"Erin is very approachable, knowledgeable and a very warm personality to work with for the day. Really helpful skills and knowledge that are applicable in everyday life."


AVEA Insurance - Jasmine

"Suzanne is fantastic – easy going and very knowledgeable. This was a great workshop. It was inspiring, energetic and Suzanne bought lots of ideas with both extensive and in depth knowledge together with case studies. We had a well-balanced group which contributed to interesting and focussed discussion and exchanges."


VicRoads - Nathan

"Graham is one of the best presenters I have come across. I enjoyed being part of of these 3 sessions with him. Well done. All I learnt is directly beneficial to my day to day work."


Hub Australia – Ryan

"Monique’s program was incredibly informative — lots to think about, take away, and start to implement."


Eve Health - Catherine

"Michael went above and beyond to deliver a series of customer service workshops catered to our individual needs. Excellent!"


William Adams - Cory

"Program was great on all levels. Retained a great amount of info. Graham is one of the best trainers I have encountered. I have had many courses over the years and I will say that Graham has been the best trainer I have seen and been involved in."


Nationwide Towing and Transport - Kerri

"I enjoyed the workshop and was very impressed at how content was geared to our industry. It was obvious that Monique spent some time to ensure our experience was relevant to our industry. "


gotafe – Ros

"An excellent presentation and very thought provoking. You can become very isolated when working from home and you do lose an element of human interaction. I got a lot out of the workshop. Thank you. The live workshops are a great idea."



"The training has lots of interesting examples. It is easy to absorb the information. The information and notes are great and easy to absorb. I have learned techniques of dealing with difficult customers. It will help me provide better customer service to clients."


Aurizon - Tamika

"Naomi is a fantastic facilitator, relatable and is confident in her knowledge of this program. Naomi is able to adapt and relate the course content to fit our needs more personally and explain/breakdown content clearly. Being a leader in customer service, this program helped me gain confidence to manage conflict in internal and external situations. "


IG Australia - Casey

"Suzanne was wonderful, engaging, amusing and her points were really well received. Great job. The part about difficult conversations with clients and phone etiquette was particularly useful I felt!"


Nationwide Towing and Transport - Seema

"The workshop was excellent, massive value out of it for everyone involved. Monique and team did an incredible job. Absolutely rapt with her work and will be recommending ICML as our preferred training organisation moving forward, so thank you!"


William Adams – Mark

"Graham was masterful in leading our team through this vital learning experience of Customer Service Excellence – Thank you!! Graham demonstrated a high degree of skill and subject knowledge in facilitating the course today. "


Long Track Pantry - Sarah

"Erin delivered a fantastic team training day that allowed our group of young supervisors to acknowledge and recognise the culture of our workplace and how to improve their leadership skills to provide a better service and environment. Erin was friendly, approachable, professional and knowledgeable across content."


Australian Defence Apparel - Shirley

"Matthew had my attention through the duration of the course. After this course I look for a chance to apply all the things I did not know before, mainly emotions and dealing with difficult customers. Excellent course and facilitator. "


RMIT University – Participant

"Monique was very professional. I liked how she commented/recognised the experience in the room, she did not belittle anyone's skills or lack of skills with customer service. It certainly helped to re-position my views and reignite my passion for assisting my customers (academics and students). "


Walmay – Pushp

"David has amazing people skills. His level of knowledge and understanding is amazing. He owns this program. I think this technique will help me improve professionally and personally. The session has been extremely introspective to understand our ability to communicate better. David’s was extremely engaging and captivating. "


William Adams - Emiliano

"A great educational experience. It is going to help with future interactions with difficult customers. Great knowledge and presentation. Good to have been given book titles for further research."


Eve Health – Jessica

"Michael was fantastic and really engaged everyone in active communication. Michael was very clear, gave really good examples and was very good at engaging everyone in active conversation. It was a big benefit to the company. "


Conference Call International - Debbie

"Monique was very personable and related to all in the group. Great program. My team found it very beneficial and felt they could apply it to the workplace. The program was very relevant, interesting and achievable."


RMIT University - Participant

"Mechelle was very resourceful, very knowledgeable and very inspiring to improving customer experience. Great tools and suggestions to take back to work area. I love how Mechelle puts important aspects of value to customer service experience."


Specsavers - Marie

"Mark was very knowledgeable and shared a number of stories and examples of customer service that was relevant to our business. Enjoyed the day over all it was good to learn some techniques for managing complaints. The day also highlighted a number of communication styles and the do's and don't s of dealing with each behavior. It’s a lot to remember however, but I am keen take a few techniques and try them out."


Keystone Radiology - Carolyn

"Justine is a fantastic and engaging facilitator! She makes what could have been a “disinteresting” topic very relevant and helpful."


LVMH Watches and Jewelry - Participant

"The program was very interesting and had lots of fun. David was a great facilitator. He helped me how to get into the other person’s brain. "


VicRoads - Samr

"Great content and facilitator! Graham was very knowledgeable and engaging; really good at listening and reflecting. The program reinforced techniques I had been exposed to before and gave me an opportunity to practise them."


William Adams - Michael

"Graham is an excellent trainer who clearly enjoys what he does. Thanks for the day."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Eva

"This training company consistently produces great sessions and I really enjoy them!"


Alliance Franciase - Nadine

"This workshop and material was excellent and very well adapted to our needs to improve our techniques. I would recommend this course for its effectiveness. It has opened my mind to a series of selling techniques – which are priceless."


VicRoads - Aidan

"Graham is absolutely excellent. Best facilitator I’ve seen. Well done. Gave me a basis for engaging that is based in behavioural science that helps confirm the approach I use."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Gayleen

"Graham was fantastic; best facilitator in 10 years of training."


VicRoads - Stephane

"The Customer Service program was one of the best I’ve attended, facilitated brilliantly by Graham! Graham is an outstanding facilitator who engages sincerely with all attendees."


VicRoads - Participant

"Graham provided me with a toolbox of techniques to resolve and handle complex situations with customers. Interactive, not just a lecture, real life examples. Graham has a great personality and very engaging, keep up the good work Graham."


VicRoads - Dimitrios

"Well presented, great balance of theory and practical exercise and a fantastic presenter/facilitator who is an absolute beauty. Great energy levels, Graham you are a star. Whatever they are paying you Graham, they should double it!!"


William Adams - Glen

"A wonderful course delivered with a unique presentation style that kept me engaged throughout the day – all with only two powerpoint slides! I like the ability to take notes in course book and retain for future reference. How wonderful not to have course delivered by powerpoint – I think this greatly improves focus and knowledge retention."