Emotional Intelligence testimonials


YMCA – Nicole

"Suzanne was awesome. I could listen to her all day. Relatable, knowledgeable. Thanks! Recommending to the team."


7 Eleven Stores - Sebastian

"Suzanne has a refreshing comical approach to ensure the participants reach their learning outcomes. Kept our interest and made it real and personal. Thank you!"


Swatch Group Australia – Maureen

"Simon did a great job tailoring the content to the management team. Very interactive and Simon has great knowledge of this topic."


Bastow Institute – Rhonda

"Amazing session that built an understanding and appreciation of the Genos tool, but also helped build great team environment and path forward. In two days Justine changed the whole outlook of the team. "


Godfreys – Rachel

"I really love how engaging and comforting Suzanne is in her courses. This is the second course I have attended and I learn so much each time. Thank you Suzanne for the way you engage with everyone and make us all feel good. I really enjoyed this session and learnt so much about being in situations and approaches to think about before taking action."


Wyndham City Council – Patricia

"Suzanne was fantastic, inclusive, interactive and clear. Highly recommend it, as I learnt a lot with the way Suzanne approach this training. The workshop will help me in my everyday life as well as work. If I can work on my own EI then I can successfully understand others. I loved the way it was delivered: the scenarios used were great."


Swatch Group Australia - Participant

"Justine was excellent, friendly, strong and engaging. A great mixture of conversation and activity. I already had a strong understanding of personality types and EQ but learnt a lot more about how they all interact and how to develop by acknowledging them."


7 Eleven Stores - Norman

"I cannot speak highly enough of the content, the importance in our roles, or the relevance to our team right at the moment. Application within and beyond professional roles. Very relevant and entirely appropriate delivery – the content and the facilitation itself."


Wyndham City Council - Participant

"The program moved me from a theoretical understanding of the topic to what EI actually meant and looks like and feels. It is only with this insight do I feel able to implement some of the learnings (baby steps) into how I relate to others. Thank you Suzanne – it was spectacular.."


Henley Properties Group - Stacey

"Justine was engaging and the take-away handouts will be useful. This training was also very informative and eye opening. I have learnt a lot about how to listen and respond to clients."


Hall & Wilcox - Mark

"Thank you very much for presenting today at our offsite. Maggie really had the group engaged and the feedback is very positive. It’s a fascinating subject. I appreciate what a great job you did. Thanks!"


Falls Creek Resort - Stuart (CEO)

"Highly recommend ICML for personalised and personable training needs. The course was impactful, effective and provided action points for all members to take away and improve upon. Great investment!"


Swatch Group Australia – India

"Emotional Intelligence is a wonderful program that all staff should undertake to better understand not only how their emotions can have an impact on business, but their customers and colleagues as well. Justine is really engaging and a pleasure to learn from. She spoke about emotional intelligence in an easy to digest way and she used excellent examples. "


RMIT University - Sally

"Great program. Well organised presentation. Maggie is an awesome facilitator."


Wyndham City Council - Kristine

"Suzanne provided a really interesting course and I learnt a lot about different strategies of how to deal with different situations and people. It was very interactive, as I heard real life experiences which helped me understand better what emotional intelligence is. "


Envirolab Services Melbourne - Analisa

"ICML provided us with fantastic and responsive information. The course gave me the ability to recognise what my emotions are telling me. Rose was terrific. She was knowledgeable and very interactive. She made the session fun and applied examples to real life situations."


Swatch Group Australia - Joanna

"Thank you for an informative and interesting day that was really insightful. Justine was great, really energetic and engaging and it was enjoyable to participate."


RMIT University - Participant

"It was a great course and the facilitator was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this session and plan to encourage my team members to register - very valuable use of information shared."


Individual - Poli Z

"I liked all the scientific aspects of the course and the practical assessments. It was really easy to understand and the content was clear. I found the reading and the running of each segment very useful. My awareness and understanding of Emotional Intelligence has helped me to understand a lot more about human behaviour and why we do what we do."


MacKillop Family Services - Leanne

"Rose was full of knowledge, additional reading & websites. The course was enjoyable and met my expectations on both day."


Ian Potter Foundation - Squirrel

"A hands-on, no-nonsense course that enabled all participants – government, corporate, non-profit – gain practical skills to hone emotional intelligence. I’ve walked away with brain brimming."


National Disability Insurance Agency - Chris

"Rose was genuine, happy and a natural facilitator. She gave honest and meaningful feedback. The course was practical, important and tangible to many situations. There were a lot of great insights and techniques."


Arup - Tess

"Rose was brilliant! So much course work to get through in a short time frame but it remained interesting and engaging. I found the interactive nature of how Rose ran through the course work really effective."


Dairy Australia - Suzi

"Great facilitator – really honest and vibrant and worked the room really well so everyone participated and got involved."


7 Eleven Stores - Tanzil

"Being a trainer and attending a workshop, is like being a Chef and eating at someone else’s restaurant. You would assess every aspect. Simply put, end of the day the participants wanted more… there was never a dull moment, my jaw bone hurts after laughing and smiling all day, at the same time we had so many light bulb moments, that we lost count."