Leading Change testimonials


Dept of Families Fairness and Housing VIC – Lena

"Rob was able to keep me engaged for the whole day which is amazing. Rob was also able to challenge and encourage the group to self-reflect."


Melton City Council – Participant

"The discussion and intimacy of the workshop with a highly knowledgeable facilitator was the most valuable aspect of this training."


Kingston City Council – Participant

"This was one of the best courses I have ever done. Martin was interesting and engaging. I have recommended to my Team Leader that our whole Team would benefit from this time with Martin."


Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) – Nicole

"Georgina was very clear in her delivery and with good humour."


Universities Admissions Centre – John

"Brenda is a very experienced facilitator with professional and psychological experience. Invaluable in this space. Clarity of key points. Lay man’s terms of potentially confusing terminology. "


West Gate Tunnel Project – Hannah

"Thanks Suzanne, I enjoyed the training and have learnt some useful strategies that I will be implementing both at work and in my everyday life."


Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank – Damindra

"The workshop was very professional with lots of relevant information. Good real life examples. I took a lot out of it. Most useful was how to manage changes and sell benefits of change."


IRESS Market Technology – Cindy

"Well delivered course with real life examples that can be used as I address change in my organisation. Suzanne has an engaging personality that kept the course interesting and fun."


Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank – Sandra

"Suzanne has an incredibly frank and honest facilitation style – loved it and kept me engaged. She understands people! Fantastic – would recommend. In the 30 years I have been working and 10+ years in leadership this would have to be one of the most fun and engaging sessions ever!!"


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – Moin

"Suzanne’s delivery was very interactive and participatory. Will help me implement change more effectively."


Universities Admissions Centre – Kim

"Brenda really broke down the difficult topic of change management into very useful and meaningful chunks that will help me effectively lead through change. "


Xero – Joe

"Anita is a fantastic facilitator. She allowed attendees to dictate the pace of the course and did a great job on drawing from attendee's personal experiences. "


HealthE Care – Tamra

"A new self-awareness became apparent as a result of some of the exercises. I was one of the staff who briefed the facilitator on what we wanted from this program, I have just one thing to say – Brenda nailed it!"


Vegco – Bernie

"Rob engaged with the team and made sure all participants took an active part in the conversation. Rob was engaging pre and during facilitation session. I spoke with him on a couple of occasions and he was spot on in understanding our needs and working towards an end goal. "


Ramsay Health Care – Northside Group – Natalie

"Brenda had clear communication skills. The workshop stimulated thinking about change management in a new way. Gave a structure/scaffold to use when planning and implementing change."


Monash University - Participant

"Excellent! Rob understands the issues well and provides appropriate activities. Good to hear a range of viewpoints. Clarify issues and what needs to be done now. Activities that gave everyone an opportunity to speak/contribute. Very impressed with Rob’s facilitation skills. The session has greatly helped me to come to terms with the move."


Xero - Lauren

"I think the workshop was great and wouldn't need any improvements. Anita was a great presenter, and facilitated discussion rather than directed it which was great for our group to be able to all bounce ideas of each other. She facilitated healthy and constructive discussion and she was very knowledgable."