Recruitment testimonials


Chandon – Thomas

"Very well constructed and clear, good information we sometimes do with our intuitions but now with plan and method in mind it will be very valuable to ensure success of our recruitment."


Notice Board Systems – Adam

"Matthew was engaging and we received valuable skills we can use immediately. Very engaging and enjoyable. "


Godfreys – Stephanie

"Jill’s way of facilitating the learning outcomes we were seeking was brilliant. Zoom was great and having the breakout rooms allowed us an opportunity to speak and play around with different ideas we have. One of the more engaging online sessions I have been part of. Thank you for today I learnt so much."


Tourism Australia – Emma

"This was an excellent course - full on great insights and practical tips that will help me personally with recruitment in the future."


Moonee Valley City Council – Stephanie

"Great facilitator! Really engaging – the topics and information was great. Having worked with ICML for different sessions, the customer relationships and service they provide is exceptional. They always deliver great quality training. Feedback is always outstanding – thank you. "


Godfreys – Stacey

"Really informative and interactive. I found the live online workshop more convenient, I felt involved, I was able to absorb the information and it was a good feeling to learn as a group. "