Resilience testimonials


gotafe – Carmen

"What a great session. Graham was great and it reminded me of things I need to do to look after myself to ensure I can do my job more efficiently and effectively, plus have a better work/life balance. I have attended previous training for Time and Stress Management before, but I found Graham very engaging and the interaction was great."


ACCC – Natasha

"The training was really relevant and enjoyed how it brought both personal and professional elements in together. Brenda was also excellent - very engaging and relatable as well as knowledgeable. One of the more enjoyable training sessions I've been to in a while."


Glen Eira City Council - Julie-Anne

"An excellent training session for which I have learnt some very valuable skills and insights to take away and utilise. Excellent facilitator/educator. Thank you Justine. All staff involved shared their experiences and it was interactive which was great."


West Gate Tunnel Project – Hannah

"Thanks Suzanne, I enjoyed the training and have learnt some useful strategies that I will be implementing both at work and in my everyday life."


Monash University - Catherine

"Maggie is an excellent facilitator with great insight into team dynamics. I gained a better insight into human nature and behaviour and skills/tools to improve communication and team rapport. Maggie made the program engaging and accessible – she is a highly skilled facilitator and read the room well."


Department of Finance Queensland – Lisa

"Suzanne was very engaging and quickly establishes relationships. Hard to change a bunch of ladies who have worked together for a long time but Suzanne could have cracked them. "


BUSHkids - Participant

"Suzanne presented information that, although partly already known to most of the group, was delivered in a way that was thought provoking and generated discussions between group members that were valuable learning opportunities. I enjoyed the online workshop and combination of slides, workbook info, breakout groups, and whole group discussions."


West Gate Tunnel Project – William – Project Director

"Simon did a brilliant job, I was expecting that online delivery wouldn’t work for this and although being in the same room would have been better I still think he did very well indeed. "


Brightstar Logistics – Nick

"Suzanne has a fantastic ability to engage the group whilst delivering the content in an easily digestible manner. Could not recommend any better – excellent. Thank you. "


gotafe – Wilna

"This was one of the best sessions I have attended in years – Graham was outstanding and made such a difference! Wonderful session! – Inspired me to look at new habits, reframing and revisiting current methods of time management. "


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Angelo

"Great experiences, thanks! Justine was great: she was interactive, engaging and nothing was a wrong answer. Good to utilise these skills, not only for resilience and managing stress but any situation: how we can avoid, adapt and accept. "


Victorian Music Development Office – Sweetie

"I really appreciate the suggestions and links to other resources. I feel equipped with new tools, learnings and strategies! Thank you! Online format is great. Appreciate the tea breaks - always important especially to reset the mind/eyes as we’re glued to our screens. Breakout rooms are also excellent to have those more detailed breakdowns."


West Gate Tunnel Project – Annie

"I thought Justine was fantastic and the zoom set up great... never really used zoom but it was made easy for someone who is not particularly tech savvy! I really enjoyed it and thanks Justine for making it a pleasurable experience- great job and I would most definitely recommend it! "


Monash University - Participant

"Excellent! Rob understands the issues well and provides appropriate activities. Good to hear a range of viewpoints. Clarify issues and what needs to be done now. Activities that gave everyone an opportunity to speak/contribute. Very impressed with Rob’s facilitation skills. The session has greatly helped me to come to terms with the move."


Specsavers - Participant

"Absolutely amazing course and Anita was a fabulous course convenor."


Programmed Health Professionals - Bree

"Paula was fantastic! Four hour session was the perfect amount of time."


Brightstar Logistics - Tony

"Suzanne has excellent examples on every part of the course, as well as strongly encouraging us to participate. Great, active facilitator that engaged the group for the entire day. "


Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) - Nicole

"I just wanted to pass on our thanks to Suzanne for delivering a fantastic session with us last week at our conference. The feedback received was all very positive and she certainly knows how to keep a room energised and entertained! The content was great and her delivery is one of the best I’ve seen. We will certainly be looking at engaging her again sometime next year for some of our up and coming leaders."


BUSHkids - Participant

"I personally found the workshop very interesting and through it I gained insight to my own feelings and behaviours and also those of my colleagues. I feel like I now have a better understanding of myself and my team mates and think this will be very beneficial in building a close, strong knit team. I enjoyed the work shop and thought the virtual format was good."


West Gate Tunnel Project - Ben

"Run VERY effectively through Zoom, I would even say better than a regular meeting room setting face to face. Good mix of participation, presentation elements and facilitator interaction. Useful tools to apply in the workplace."


Programmed Health Professionals - Maggie

"Paula is very engaging. She had great examples. This is a great course. Great techniques and ideas provided with a very bubbly and extremely informative facilitator. "


Scope Australia - Lynn

"We had the training this morning and I just wanted to commend Justine and the content you guys put together. Feedback so far is that it's was really useful and enjoyable and we look forward to more opportunities to work with you in future. Thanks again."


Mt Alexander Shire Council – Tamara

"Suzanne was an excellent presenter. She so accurately depicts the thoughts and feelings of different personality types. The information provided left a lot to digest and think about. To learn new ways to look at building your resilience by focusing on Mind Talk, Life Shocks and Should Manual and how to use methods to overcome these and show me how I am able to adapt and change the way you think and create relationships is of great benefit to me. It was pretty comprehensive and deep. We were all in deep reflection by the end. "


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Victoria

"Justine is fantastic!! She gives comprehensive learning tools but still makes them fun and interesting. I intend to apply everything!! This was a very useful session which I can’t wait to use. "


Acciona - Participant

"Kate is an experienced trainer who uses simple and understandable examples from which you can learn a lot."


Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) - Sally

"Suzanne was extremely well received by our group who gave her an average score of 4.5 out of 5. The group loved her sense of humour and her use of personal stories to demonstrate a point. We would have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne to other organisations. She fitted our brief perfectly."


Brightstar Logistics – Chris

"Suzanne is happy, friendly and engaged with real life examples for people to relate to. "


Nutrition Australia – Michelle

"Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Suzanne was very engaging and knowledgeable and made the learning very accessible. "


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - Emma

"Excellent course – objectives, aims and very relevant content. Suzanne is great, brilliant delivery, enthusiastic, the personal anecdotes make for a good connection with the group – a perfect balance of fun and professional knowledge."


Swinburne Online - Katie

"Suzanne was very informative and made the day very interesting. All the information was relevant and very useful. "