Unconscious Bias testimonials


Stake – Renata

"Thanks for the workshop. It was very important for us to better understand how our brain works and how to change our minds about certain biases."


CG Live - Steve

"Jill was very engaging and informative. Learning strategies to counter unconscious bias was beneficial."


Acciona – Participant

"Great training content and excellent facilitation. Thanks so much Jill!"


Victorian Music Development Office – Laura

"ICML’s Unconscious Bias workshop was highly beneficial and eye-opening for me. I look forward to seeing the processes in motion in our workplace. Jill was an absolute pro. "


Tourism Australia – Emma

"This was an excellent course - full on great insights and practical tips that will help me personally with recruitment in the future."


Victoria Police – Marion

"Thank you for a great session. Very thorough (able to meet Jill beforehand), simple process, excellent customer service."


Water Technology – Participant

"The training delivery was excellent and engaging. Vanessa was excellent at getting people to talk about their issues and observations,"


Icon by Design – Anthony

"I was very impressed. Steve was able to take a very serious topic and be educational, informative and uplifting - while driving home his points. It was an unexpected approach but it made the topic approachable for everyone. I just wish we had more time!"


CG Live – Tom

"Despite having learnt about very similar ideas and info at University (studying Psychology) it was a lot more practical. The booklet, slides and Jill were all very well informed. "


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Elizabeth

"Jill was knowledgeable with lots of great examples. A very relevant and useful course. Eye opening."