Virtual Workshop testimonials


Beyond Blue – Tulsi

"This training is amazing and Lynne was wonderful. Lots of practical tips and advice that I can apply straight away in my work. It was delivered well too virtually. Love it."


Queensland Investment Corporation – Caz

"Ian is a great facilitator. He made taking this course remotely an engaging experience."


Energy Safe Victoria – Eliana

"Lynne is a fantastic training facilitator because she made learning simple, interactive & enjoyable. During our virtual Business Case training with Lynne, I noticed a significant difference between self-paced online learning and a personalised training program, like the one delivered by ICML. I have learned and absorbed more information in one day’s worth of training (delivered via 90-minute sessions over multiple weeks) than I have in last 6 months while completing a self-paced online Project Management course."


Shelde – Sigrid

"I was actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed this session, and how much I got out of it. It was great! Really good format, I liked being able to spend a few minutes thinking about each question before hearing other people's thoughts."


gotafe – Carmen

"What a great session. Graham was great and it reminded me of things I need to do to look after myself to ensure I can do my job more efficiently and effectively, plus have a better work/life balance. I have attended previous training for Time and Stress Management before, but I found Graham very engaging and the interaction was great."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Emma

"Justine is an awesome facilitator. This is my second time attending the session and it was a good refresher. All of the content presented was relevant and relatable. I often find online sessions difficult for me to stay focused but Justine is very engaging and does a great job at holding the attention of the group. I also found the number of breaks to be just right! Great work, I would love to attend these sessions at least annually."


Keysight Technologies – Albert

"Lynne was great at delivering the training and highlighting important aspects that we need to apply in our business writing moving forward. Her vast experience and insight in different styles of business writing made the sessions more effective, productive and interesting. First time I have conducted online training and I was engrossed from start to end."


Hello Contractors NZ – Louise Ratcliffe

"I found this course extremely valuable and thought provoking. Live online workshops are great - means we have access to great courses and facilitators without having to travel or be onsite."


Godfreys – Stephanie

"Jill’s way of facilitating the learning outcomes we were seeking was brilliant. Zoom was great and having the breakout rooms allowed us an opportunity to speak and play around with different ideas we have. One of the more engaging online sessions I have been part of. Thank you for today I learnt so much."


Bondi Sands – Meg

"Loved the use of Zoom features to keep the session engaging and Terry was a great teacher and host! Format was great, kept me engaged, time went by really quickly!"


Victoria Police – Participant

"Very beneficial training with further information to look into. Graham was wonderfully engaging, relatable, well spoken. The format worked really well. The breakout groups mixed with the individual tasks and information was easy to follow and kept our attention."


ABC - Participant

"Monique is a fantastic facilitator and it's made me rethink how I have conversations with my team members. I was engaged throughout and enjoyed the breakout rooms."


Hub Australia – Ryan

"Monique’s program was incredibly informative — lots to think about, take away, and start to implement."


Kingston City Council – Participant

"Graham is an excellent trainer, very authentic, personable, enthusiastic and skillful."


Shelde – Emmanuel

"The information was topical and I can apply it to my role immediately. Great format, I liked how we could get a diverse range of people from our company into one room (Virtual) to discuss our thoughts on the topics."


NDIS Commission – Chris

"Lynne was very structured in her presentation and explained everything very clearly and succinctly. She was also a pleasure to listen to with her explanations on writing styles and the little things that can help with your writing of documents and emails."


gotafe - Tanya

"Really good session to bring the participants up to date with current practices. Lots of good tips on how to keep your report succinct and on point. Lynne was great, very engaging. "


Emerging Professionals Network – Sam

"Matthew was a very engaging presenter. It was an effortless experience to listen, learn and participate. "


Victoria Police – Participant

"Graham was fantastic. He explained the content really well, answered questions and went into extra detail when needed. I found it worked really well having a main group then the smaller breakout groups. It was a nice way to collaborate with people you wouldn’t normally work with."


Specsavers - Participant

"Simon was an engaging facilitator and would evolve the topics and questions as we asked. He was personable to each of us and help us all along on our individual journeys no matter how anxious or professional we appeared. Really enjoyed the session!"


BUSHkids - Participant

"Suzanne presented information that, although partly already known to most of the group, was delivered in a way that was thought provoking and generated discussions between group members that were valuable learning opportunities. I enjoyed the online workshop and combination of slides, workbook info, breakout groups, and whole group discussions."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Darren

"Justine's delivery and content was extremely good. I was concerned beforehand about the length of the session but the time flew by."


Bitu-mill – Adam

"Would like to really thank you Justine for your insight and time into opening our mindset into new avenues of leadership. Great program. Justine did a great job in the current environment (COVID19). Thank you again."


Shelde – Mariette

"Justine was great I found her super engaging. She provided really good examples of ways to implement what we are learning in the workshop which I thought was of huge value."


Shelde – Sneha

"Loved the session. I’ve got a lot to look forward to with the learning that I got out of this session. The breakout rooms were great for interactive communications."


Dairy Food Safety Victoria

"Maggie was very professional and engaging especially in remote format. "


Nationwide Group – David

"A lot of the information was not new to me, however it was presented in a way that refreshed previous knowledge and prompted fresh introspective. I think the live online format works well, people are more comfortable to contribute online."


Shelde – Fleur

"I really enjoyed the 90 min sessions - made it easier to focus knowing we only have a short time. I really thought it worked well, I loved the breakout rooms. It made it feel just like a normal in-house session."


Nationwide Group – Eliza

"I’m really enjoying breaking out into smaller rooms to discuss scenarios and questions with different people. It makes the session very worthwhile and you feel less awkward contributing in the big group too. I’ve also taken some great things away to focus on for myself and activities to do with my team. Really enjoyed the session and learnt heaps!"


Woollahra Municipal Council – Elizabeth

"Excellent balance between technology and people’s varying skills and familiarity. It was all over too soon!! I would absolutely have Steve back for other training or this training again. I could imagine this would have been fantastic training to do with management teams to help build rapport between colleagues and how to trouble shoot common and familiar communication pitfalls. Very useful for both work and personal relationships."


Sealink Travel Group – Participant

"Lynne was very helpful and provided relevant details. Very easy to follow."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Linda

"Justine is a fun and enthusiastic presenter who kept me engaged and willing to learn. I completed the course with useful information that I will implement today and in the future, both within my work and home life. Online is more challenging to keep participants engaged than face to face, however Justine did an amazing job with this. She is enthusiastic, and provided a balance of interaction (scenarios and 'break out rooms') and written information that kept me engaged."


Cobden Health – Sandra

"Mark is an excellent presenter, gave good examples and managed to keep everyone engaged throughout the training sessions. Was great to be able to do face to face training (via Zoom) even though we are so restricted by Covid at present."


gotafe – Ros

"An excellent presentation and very thought provoking. You can become very isolated when working from home and you do lose an element of human interaction. I got a lot out of the workshop. Thank you. The live workshops are a great idea."


AITSL – Participant

"Lynne was knowledgeable and engaging and maintained a good pace for the workshops. The live workshop worked well, the breakout rooms were a good substitute for the usual breaking off into groups during a face-to-face workshop."


gotafe – Wilna

"This was one of the best sessions I have attended in years – Graham was outstanding and made such a difference! Wonderful session! – Inspired me to look at new habits, reframing and revisiting current methods of time management. "


Baw Baw Shire Council – Participant

"Justine is great! I really learnt a lot that will be really helpful – especially being new to a leadership role. Really engaging especially for a zoom meeting! Was great to still go into the breakout rooms and practice with others."


CPA – Participant

"Very worthwhile. Having break out sessions was great and so too was having your own work evaluated as part of group discussions."


Beyond Blue – Participant

"The sessions were invaluable. Really easy to follow, engaging, I learned a lot. The perfect amount of conversation and collaboration. I'd recommend to everybody. I thought it was run really well. I appreciated that the need for extra breaks was factored in, so it never felt too tiring or overwhelming."


Anglicare Victoria – Kimberley

"Another informative session that will be highly encouraged for all management to attend. It was great! Highly engaging. "


Wyndham City Council – Participant

"Great workshop really enjoyed it. Thank you for this excellent training. Online training can be challenging to remain focused, did not find that an issue for this session."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Mark

"Thank you Justine, your interactive training, whereby you included each participant by sharing out tasks and used each person’s names in examples, was engaging and effective. Your availability in the breakout rooms offered our room support when we had hit a road block, and it was much appreciated. The format of the workshop was facilitated by Justine who used face to face training techniques so it was effective and retained personal impact."


Xero – Bryana

"Simon really listened and paid attention to each of our individual strengths and areas we needed to work on and gave us all helpful constructive feedback. I look forward to implementing new ways to connect with my partners. Interactive - works well in an online format split into 2 sessions. Thank you so much for your mentorship over the last 2 sessions - found the content super helpful and the tools that we can further develop to our presenting skills. "


Victorian Music Development Office – Sweetie

"I really appreciate the suggestions and links to other resources. I feel equipped with new tools, learnings and strategies! Thank you! Online format is great. Appreciate the tea breaks - always important especially to reset the mind/eyes as we’re glued to our screens. Breakout rooms are also excellent to have those more detailed breakdowns."


Bitu-mill – Participant

"Justine was excellent – very engaging and also entertaining! Good mix of visuals, activities and “teaching”. "


West Gate Tunnel Project – Annie

"I thought Justine was fantastic and the zoom set up great... never really used zoom but it was made easy for someone who is not particularly tech savvy! I really enjoyed it and thanks Justine for making it a pleasurable experience- great job and I would most definitely recommend it! "


Central Highlands Regional Council – Bill

"Well done Lynne - very interactive, great examples across a range of disciplines and topics. Need to extend the program to as many staff as possible. "


Victorian Music Development Office – Sweetie

"Unbelievably helpful! I think my usual responses to conflict will be turned on their heads and I feel equipped with more understanding about how to navigate conflict!"


AITSL – Shaun

"Loved the real world examples of AITSL content, felt the logic of the workshop was fantastic. Online format worked really well, great interactive elements as a group and in breakout rooms."


BUSHkids - Participant

"I personally found the workshop very interesting and through it I gained insight to my own feelings and behaviours and also those of my colleagues. I feel like I now have a better understanding of myself and my team mates and think this will be very beneficial in building a close, strong knit team. I enjoyed the work shop and thought the virtual format was good."


West Gate Tunnel Project - Ben

"Run VERY effectively through Zoom, I would even say better than a regular meeting room setting face to face. Good mix of participation, presentation elements and facilitator interaction. Useful tools to apply in the workplace."



"Highly recommend - was great to be able to do it from home and not a noisy office."



"The live format was great.  Felt very inclusive even though I was sitting on my own."



"Fantastic training, so many tips that I can apply in my current role. Zoom was fantastic and easy to use."



"This was awesome & really useful. I loved it online & liked the breakout rooms."



"I thought this was a great session - Zoom worked well and it was similar to a classroom environment. Justine was a great facilitator with good real life examples."


Central Highlands Regional Council – Participant

"The training was very informative and engaging. Zoom was also an effective platform for remote training."