Are you doing all you can to encourage creativity?

4 tips for boosting creativity in your team


How important is creativity in your workplace?

Creativity is a leading driver of innovation and therefore should be one of the key considerations for any team. Enabling your employees to seek interesting ideas can have many benefits, including discovering unique solutions to industry problems.

Here are four tips to help you successfully incorporate a little creativity into the workday:

Empower leadership

Managers who empower leadership within their team may benefit from increased creativity, according to research from Rice University and American University.

The study found that managers can boost creativity and innovation by giving an employee the freedom to carry out his or her job in their own way or by including them in the decision making process. This works by increasing their confidence and giving them the opportunity to come up with unique ideas and more creative methods of working.

Perhaps it’s time to consider giving your employees the opportunity to complete leadership training of their own.

Enable anonymity

If you already support creativity but rarely receive new ideas, you may want to consider creating a confidential suggestion box.

Some employees may be too shy or afraid to share their ideas during a brainstorm session, so it is important to cater to their level of confidence. You can then give the individual the chance to take ownership of the idea once it is selected and becomes a success.

Invest in diversity

One of the key components of creativity is the collection of a variety of ideas and beliefs. By employing a diverse team and promoting diversity, you can benefit from a pool of different ideas and backgrounds.

This will ensure that any issues facing your team are tackled from a range of perspectives – leading to more unique and comprehensive solutions.

Encourage fun

While you may need your workplace to be serious for most of the day, it is important to have fun sometimes. Allowing employees to relax and partake in positive activities will ensure they are thinking creatively and interacting with each other in a manner that supports an innovative culture.

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