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Project management training

ICML offers a variety of Project Management training programs and solutions to help build project management skills and an effective project management business environment.

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Project Management Essentials

This course provides the tools and skills to manage successful projects or be a valuable project team member. Let us tailor a Project Management Essentials program for in-house delivery in your organisation. Read more

Working Effectively Using Project Management Techniques

Become more effective in your daily work by incorporating proven Project Management tools and techniques. Available as a tailored in-house program. Read more

Advanced Project Management – Leading Projects

We tailor this highly practical in-house Project Management masterclass to the experience level and needs of the participants in the group. In this advanced project management training program we workshop participants’ past and current projects. We can tailor the program to any duration: from just a few hours to multiple days. Read more

Implementing Project Management in Your Organisation

ICML can take care of any part or an entire initiative in your organisation to implement a Project Management approach. Read more

Managing Risk

This in-house program builds an understanding of how to deal with risk in an organisation or a project. Read more

Leading Change

We are operating in a time of exponential change. However, change can be frightening – it can make many people fearful, cynical and resistant. Organisations that plan, manage and communicate well can achieve the opposite and have people participating enthusiastically in a culture of change. This change management training program builds the skills to drive successful change – harnessing the energies for quick change whilst dealing proactively with the hurdles and navigating skillfully around the pitfalls. Read more


An Agile project management approach may be more effective than traditional project management methods. We offer different solutions, depending on the level of Agile maturity in your organisation. Read more

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