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Finance training for non-finance people

An understanding of our organisation’s key financial information makes us better decision makers. We tailor our Finance training programs to your team’s needs and financial reporting.

Below you’ll find some examples of programs we tailor and deliver in-house.

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Finance and Budgets for Managers

Finance and Budgets for Managers

For non-finance specialists it’s not always easy to deal with the critical financial aspects of decision making. Yet the pressure for managers and business owners to make financially sound choices continues to get stronger.

Our tailored in-house Finance and Budgets for Managers training program gives a good understanding of financial concepts; profit, expenses, and budgeting. Participants will be able to have a meaningful discussion with the financial experts. This course will enable them to drive the financial performance of your team and organisation. Read more

Finance for Anyone

Most of us struggle with understanding financial information. Let alone knowing what to do with it. This tailored in-house program will focus on developing just the financial knowledge needed for staff to contribute better to the success of your organisation.

We will tailor this in-house program to your objectives and financial system. Read more

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