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Sales and customer service training

ICML designs and delivers a wide variety of sales and customer service training programs. Below you’ll find examples.

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Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

This tailored in-house customer service training program will leave participants feeling confident and energised to deliver great service to internal and external customers. We customise this program to any industry and type of customer relationship. Read more

Essential Selling Skills

Tailored to your industry and business, this in-house training program builds the skills for solution-selling for teams in sales and business development.

In this challenging sales training we unpick the critical elements of the sales process, with specific emphasis on uncovering the buyer’s needs. After this tailored Essential Selling Skills course participants will feel confident to plan and seal a deal that satisfies both your client’s needs and your own. Read more

Developing Business – Finding New Customers

This tailored in-house program builds the confidence and skills to proactively generate leads and move prospects through the sales funnel towards becoming happy and loyal clients. Read more

Strategic B2B Selling

In complex business to business sales, preparation and a strategic approach pay off in winning more business. This tailored in-house program teaches a practical and proven approach to B2B sales. Read more

Sales Proposals and Presentations

The chances of winning a client or project depend to a large degree on how your business is presented in proposals and face-to-face meetings. This tailored in-house course prepares your team to win. Read more

Writing Tenders and Proposals

Writing Tenders and Proposals

What is your team’s strike rate with proposals for new or ongoing contracts? Maybe you need to take a fresh approach to boost your success. This program will change your the way your team prepares and writes tenders. It reveals the secrets, skills and techniques to persuasively respond to your clients’ needs. We show how to stand out from the crowd. Learn to write compelling tailored bids and tenders that make a decisive case to win. Read more

Building Client Relationships

In this tailored in-house training program, your team will learn to go beyond tricks and ‘tools’ to build and maintain client relationships. They will learn how to develop meaningful and long-term business relationships. Read more

Negotiating Win-Wins

We tailor this in-house negotiation skills program to your team’s own negotiation situations. These can range from hard bargaining situations with clients, industrial relationships negotiations, to subtle influencing and negotiation situations with stakeholders. Using case studies and examples from your business, participants will learn highly practical skills to negotiate creatively towards win-win outcomes. Read more

Consulting Skills

This tailored in-house Consulting Skills program helps professional services people build the confidence and ability to increase service levels and thereby create more value for your own business and your client. Read more

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