HR and Wellbeing training

HR and Wellbeing is different in every organisation. We will tailor our HR and Wellbeing training courses to your needs for a perfect fit and engaging learning experiences.

Below are short introductions to some of the programs we can tailor for your organisation. Click on the ‘Read more’ link to see more details.


This organisational wellbeing training program builds the capacity of participants to manage their own wellbeing and contribute to a happy and healthy workplace. Read more

Diversity Awareness

A diverse workforce creates more opportunities for employees and leads to increased productivity and profitability. We deliver this diversity and inclusion training program at your offices. Read more

Psychological Safety

Without feeling psychologically safe, employees avoid taking responsibility, are limited in their creativity and become risk averse. We deliver this psychological safety program at your offices at three levels. Read more

Bystander Intervention

Should you intervene when you are witness to discrimination, harassment or bullying?

This in-house bystander intervention training program will help participants identify the situations in which they can and should act and how to do this effectively and safely. Read more

Unlocking Unconscious Bias

We often have biases we are not aware of. They impact on the way we treat others.

This tailored in-house program helps participants identify biases and put in place strategies to minimise the impact. Read more

Recruiting and Selecting

Successful organisations recruit the finest talent and selecting team members is a very expensive decision to get wrong. This tailored in-house Recruitment and Selection course will make participants confident in taking all the right steps to attract the best talent for the job. Read more

HR for Managers

Human Resources Management is not just an HR responsibility. Understanding and applying HR Management is core to the responsibilities of all leaders. This HR training course will introduce the HR knowledge and skills relevant to leaders. Read more

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