A happy and healthy workplace is critical to the success of your organisation. Organisational wellbeing has many components, from building a psychologically safe and a mentally healthy environment to promoting physical health and fitness.

This organisational wellbeing training program builds the capacity of participants to manage their own wellbeing and contribute to a happy and healthy workplace.

Tailored in-house Workplace Wellbeing training – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Darwin – Hobart – Canberra


This workplace wellbeing training program is designed for all members of your organisation.


Participants of this wellbeing training course learn how to:

  • Manage stress better in the workplace
  • Build long-term resilience to cope with change and stress
  • Know what bullying and harassment is and how to deal with it
  • Be assertive and communicate in a direct and open way
  • Be confident supporting colleagues during times of stress
  • Understand the legislation relating to bullying, harassment and workplace behaviour.

Delivered in-house at your premises or in a virtual environment

We deliver our training programs either through:

Tailored Workplace Wellbeing course – delivered at your office

Ask us how we can tailor our Workplace Wellbeing training course in-house to any size group: from one-on-one to conferences with hundreds of people. We are able to design a program that matches your audience, objectives, budget and available time. We deliver our courses all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and abroad.

The advantage of in-house delivery is that we can tailor the:

  • content to suit your organisation’s needs. The content of wellbeing training is particularly well suited to adapting it to your current or desired organisational culture and values and your procedures, values, examples and terminology. Discuss with us how we can create the program that fits your objectives.
  • duration to suit the scope of the Wellbeing training program and your budget.

Next steps:

  1. Call us on 1300 655 098, start a chat at the right bottom corner of the page or send us a message via the contact form on this page.
  2. When we understand your needs we’ll send you a proposal containing program options, a proposed facilitator and a quote.
  3. If you are happy with the proposal, we jointly agree on a suitable delivery date(s).

Free eCoaching: ask an ICML trainer – get advice on workplace wellbeing

Do you have any questions about workplace wellbeing  you’d like to ask? Do it here. One of our trainers will answer on the page and we’ll let you know by email when we post the response. We aim to come back to you within a few business days. If you need more urgent advice, try our chat at the bottom of the page.