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Workplace training is varied. Therefore we tailor our programs to the training or learning approaches relevant in your organisation; from on-the-job training and coaching to designing and facilitating entire learning programs and processes.

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Training Colleagues and Employees in Group Sessions: one-to-a-group

Colleagues and managers deliver all kinds of instruction and training sessions to other people in the organisation. But, having good subject matter knowledge doesn’t guarantee good training sessions.

This tailored in-house Train the Trainer courses Melbourne program builds the skills to prepare and deliver these often short sessions in an interesting and effective way. Read more

On-the-Job Training and Coaching: one-on-one

Many training occasions take place one-on-one, instead of in training rooms. Managers and colleagues demonstrate, instruct and train peers and team members on an individual basis.

This tailored in-house program sets the occasional workplace trainer up to deliver this on-the-job training and coaching with success. Read more

Facilitating Engaging Training Sessions

Training and learning is essential within any organisation. This Train the Trainer course Melbourne is for managers and people in HR and similar roles, who regularly facilitate group training sessions.

This tailored in-house training program is for those who don’t want to complete a full-blown Certificate IV in TAE and want to learn the practical skills of preparing and delivering outstanding training. To Train the Trainer Melbourne. Read more

Advanced Training Facilitation Skills

This advanced tailored in-house Train the Trainer course in Melbourne is for experienced trainers who are looking to hone their facilitation skills and wanting to make a real difference in their learners lives. Participants learn to create a a positive learning atmosphere and keep participants engaged and learning deeply throughout their sessions.   Read more

Developing Training Programs and Processes

This tailored in-house program gives participants the skills to design and execute a learning system that fits the organisation. Read more

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