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Workplace training takes a variety of forms depending on the needs of the employees involved. ICML offers Train the Trainer programs that empower leaders and workplace educators to facilitate training sessions with confidence.

We tailor our training programs to the needs of your organisation, from on-the-job training to the facilitation of entire corporate training processes. The goal of our Train the Trainer programs can be scaled to meet your unique goals.

Programs we offer

We offer a variety of Train the Trainer programs. Each helps a different audience gain the knowledge necessary to lead, educate and inspire colleagues and co-workers. 

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Training Colleagues and Employees in Group Sessions: one-to-a-group

Strong subject matter expertise doesn’t necessarily guarantee good training sessions. Instead, when delivering instruction to co-workers within the organisation, colleagues and managers need an arsenal of skills to effectively communicate complex topics and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.  

Our Training Colleagues and Employees in Group Sessions program builds the skills to prepare and deliver sessions in an interesting, effective way. The tailored, in-house training material gives each learner the opportunity to experiment with different training and facilitation methods, empowering them to present effectively, deliver content confidently and ensure their participants walk away with valuable knowledge and skills.

On-the-Job Training and Coaching: one-on-one

Many training and learning opportunities occur in one-on-one environments. Leaders and colleagues demonstrate, instruct and encourage, facilitating the effective development of a particular skill or habit. However, one-on-one training and coaching requires different communication techniques and training methods than a group environment.

Our tailored, in-house On-the-Job Training and Coaching program sets everyone who trains and coaches colleagues on-the-job up for success. It offers tools for delivering effective feedback, demonstrating complex knowledge and designing a one-on-one training session that will make co-workers feel comfortable.

Facilitating Engaging Training Sessions

For managers, HR staff and other people-focused leaders, this Train the Trainer program helps in facilitating highly interactive group training sessions.

The training program Facilitate Engaging Training Sessions is delivered in-house and we tailor it to your organisation’s needs. It’s designed for workplace trainers who don’t wish to complete the Certificate IV in TAE but nonetheless want to learn the practical skill of preparing and delivering outstanding, effective training.

Advanced Training Facilitation Skills

This tailored, in-house Train the Trainer program is designed for experienced workplace trainers looking to hone their facilitation skills. The Advanced Training Facilitation Skills program includes training materials to help make a real difference in workplace trainers’ training sessions. Each participant learns to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere to make training a powerful and valuable experience.

Developing Training Programs and Processes

Each organisation has unique needs when it comes to creating a learning organisation. This tailored, in-house program gives participants the skills to design and execute an effective training program that fits these unique needs.

In the Developing Training Programs and Processes workshop, participants learn to identify learning gaps in the organisation and develop training material to address these requirements. By researching, developing, preparing and delivering effective training content, participants gain the skill and confidence necessary to design learning systems for any need.

Who should attend these programs?

Our Train the Trainer programs are designed for a variety of participants, from employees looking to more effectively facilitate on-the-job training to HR professionals hoping to design a particularly effective training session. Further, our programs can be tailored to fit the needs of any audience or organisation, allowing you to set and fulfil any learning objective related to your business goals.

Participants don’t need any prior learning to benefit from Train the Trainer programs. Our five format offerings help turn learners into workplace trainers , developing the skills necessary to structure a training session that achieves all its goals while leaving participants feeling inspired.

Professional workplace trainers can benefit from our Train the Trainer programs. We’ll work with you to hone and empower the abilities you’ve developed through experience and previous training. In our advanced programs, we strengthen existing skills, take knowledge to a deeper level and utilise multiple learning styles in different environments to put your expertise on full display.

Benefits of Train the Trainer programs

In Train the Trainer programs, training activities help take a natural part of the workplace environment – training and coaching – and make it simple, effective and accessible to everyone. The goal is to make employees and leaders feel confident sharing their knowledge with colleagues in an engaging way, creating an environment of constant learning and growth. 

Although this is the most important benefit of our Train the Trainer programs, each workshop comes with a list of additional benefits, including:

Develop effective training material

A workplace training session often involves complex topics and in-depth tasks. As such, it’s necessary for trainers to have effective material at their disposal — not only to facilitate a smooth, stress-free training process, but also to ensure the precise communication of vital information. Train the Trainer programs help participants research and implement training material that can effectively communicate main points without leaving learners confused or frustrated.

Adapt to different environments and challenges

A one-on-one learning environment is much different from a group training session and requires different material, techniques and workshop approaches. Our five different Train the Trainer programs help develop the skills necessary to adapt to unique environments and situations, helping trainers navigate the challenges inherent in communication and knowledge transfer.

Communicate with learners of all types

Even a small group of employees can represent a wide variety of different learning styles. If training material fails to cater to even one learning style, the session overall will be far less effective. 

Instead of struggling to design content that appeals to these numerous, often-conflicting styles, our Train the Trainer programs help participants develop tools and skills to share their ideas in ways that can appeal to everyone. The result is clearer, more effective training and bolder, more empowered trainers.

Create valuable connections

Learners often respond more positively when they feel connected to the trainer and material. In workplace settings, this is especially important, as trainers are often leaders or colleagues with whom a relationship already exists. Our Train the Trainer program helps participants identify and utilise these existing connections to communicate learning material more effectively and empathetically. 

Start your training today

No matter their role or experience level, everyone delivering training in the workplace can benefit from a Train the Trainer program. Our train the trainer programs help bridge the gap between subject matter expertise and training facilitation, turning your greatest thinkers and workers into equally effective workplace trainers.

Contact us today to learn more about our Train the Trainer programs and other virtual training and face-to-face learning programs.

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