How can technology boost engagement?

Top technologies to improve employee engagement


Employee engagement continues to be one of business’s biggest buzzwords. But studies from across the world showing us just how rubbish we are at it.

Fortunately, this growing leadership challenge has a few simple solutions. In fact, you can put in place a number of effective practices with minimal effort to drive engagement.

Apart from your management and influencing skills there is another important engagement-boosting factor to consider – technology.

With a vast range of software and devices on the market these days, it is unsurprising that technology has penetrated each level of modern business.

So, what are the key technology investments you should be making to improve team engagement? Here are just three potential areas you should be considering.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Almost everyone on your workforce likely owns a smartphone or other mobile device. Rather than letting these personal belongings serve as a potential distraction, consider integrating them into your business.

By allowing employees to use their own devices to support their duties, you could encourage your team to stay connected to their work wherever they are.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing – via Skype or other online platforms – can help boost engagement through collaboration and personal interactions.

In many companies, managers and CEOs remain faceless voices, sending requests and demands via email. Video conferencing, however, enables employees to interact with the upper-level staff, even over multinational corporations.

Organisational apps

If you’ve been noticing your staff are struggling to complete tasks during work hours, or have slipped in the quality or quantity of their work, you may be wondering what you options are.

In addition to providing the culprits with time management training, you may want to consider asking the individuals to download organisational apps on their phones. Give them the tools to boost their own work and their improvements may surprise you.

Examples of helpful smartphone apps include Things – an Apple program that breaks down big tasks in bite-sized chunks, Evernote – software to store and organise everything on all your devices, and LastPass – a free app that manages and remembers all of your passwords.

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