Assertiveness Skills Training

Life can be stressful for those who have trouble setting clear boundaries or making their needs known. However, overpowering communication — for example, being too forceful or failing to consider others’ perspectives — can have equally uncomfortable effects, potentially damaging both personal and professional relationships.

Our Assertiveness Skills Training program teaches simple, effective communication techniques that dramatically change the way participants think about themselves and influence others. Assertiveness training helps each person:

  • confidently stand their ground
  • moderate overbearing communication styles
  • build self-esteem and confidence.

Tailored Assertiveness Skills training program – virtual or in-house – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Darwin – Hobart – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


This assertiveness training program is designed for participants in all roles and departments who seek to:

  • improve self-esteem
  • learn how to effectively deal with an overload of demands
  • deliver assertive yet non-aggressive messages.


In the assertiveness skills workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Set and achieve goals.
  • Handle difficult people.
  • Create positive relationships.
  • Deal with challenging situations.
  • Ask for what they want.
  • Participate in conflict resolution.
  • Be assertive, not aggressive.

Delivered in-house at your premises or in a virtual environment

We deliver our training programs either through:

  • Face-to-face workshops at your offices  An ICML facilitator will lead participants in learning practical skills and techniques to build confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Impactful virtual workshops Our online virtual workshops replicate face-to-face experiences through conferencing technology for highly impactful learning.

Tailored assertiveness training – delivered on your premises

Delivering an assertiveness training course as an in-house program is economical and effective. It can work with our Communicating with Impact Training or our Speak Up, Be Heard and Feel Confident program to build self-esteem for all participants. A tailored training experience will boost your return on investment in these courses:

  • Content: Mix and match subjects from various programs.
  • Language: We include your internal language and use corporate information such as strategy, values etc.
  • Duration: Choose from multiple duration options including a one-hour presentation or Skill Shot, a multiple-day program and more. You can also choose the time of day that suits you best.
  • Location: We deliver our assertiveness program all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as abroad. 

Ask us how we can tailor an assertiveness skills training program to suit your needs:

  • Call 1300-655-098.
  • Start a chat at the bottom of our page.

Send us a message.

Some of the assertiveness skills topics we can include in a tailored program

Assertive Leadership training

Assertive Leadership finds the right balance between a dominating and passive leadership style.

Leaders with aggressive behaviours believe they need to project strength, and they do this by communicating passionately and forcefully. As a result, their employees and co-workers can sometimes find them difficult to cooperate with. Colleagues may also have a hard time speaking freely around aggressive leaders, which can lead to limited efficiency, reduced creativity and lowered job satisfaction.

Passive leaders, on the other hand, often lack control over their teams. Communication between co-workers may be frustrating or difficult to manage, and efficiency may drop as employees fail to prioritise content delivery or task completion. The result is a workforce that runs itself, creating chaos and confusion, rather than a team organised under one assertive leader.

Our assertiveness skills training program for leaders demonstrates to participants that each approach has inherent value. To find the balance between leadership styles, participants are encouraged to identify and analyse the impact they have on others, empowering them to relate more effectively to co-workers. The result is a highly personalised leadership style that balances assertive and passive approaches to create benefits for any workplace.

Our tailored program typically includes:

  • Identifying aggressive leadership communication.
  • Developing empathy.
  • Avoiding passive leadership styles.
  • Establishing an appropriate balance.
  • Prioritising issue identification over emotions.
  • Finding solutions.
  • Assertive body language.
  • Using tone for the desired result.
  • Dealing with criticism.
  • Communicating with confidence and influence.

Confidence and Self-Esteem training

Confidence and self-esteem are the basis for assertiveness skills training. Without these foundational elements, participants won’t feel empowered to utilise the tools and techniques offered for assertive communication, resulting in missed opportunities and uncomfortable situations.

This program explores how and why feelings of inadequacy, social anxiety or aggression may exist. Participants build emotional intelligence, learning how to courageously and assertively tackle challenges by reflecting on their own behaviours, thought processes and habits.

We tailor this variation of the assertiveness skills training program for in-house delivery. We also provide one-on-one coaching assistance. A Confidence and Self-Esteem training program would typically include:

  • Understanding the basis for self confidence.
  • What affects self-esteem.
  • Re-framing techniques.
  • Creating positive thinking patterns.
  • Taking control of emotions.
  • Avoiding the resentment cycle.
  • Controlling self-talk.
  • Assertively showing a confident and positive self.

If you’re looking for an assertiveness course in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere else, please use our contact form higher up the page, or click here to get in touch.

If this course isn’t quite what you are looking for, check out our Speak Up, Be Heard and Feel Confident course.

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Whether you’re from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other place: Do you have any questions about assertiveness skills you’d like to ask? Do it here. One of our trainers will answer on the page and we’ll let you know by email when we post the response. We aim to come back to you within a few business days. If you need more urgent advice, try our chat at the bottom of the page.

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