In-house training

Delivering in-house training programs

In-house training is when our facilitator travels to you and delivers learning programs to a group of your people on a date and at a venue of your choice. It is the preferred option for many of our clients because:

  • it’s cost-effective
  • it allows us to tailor our programs
  • we can partner to make sure participants apply their learning back in the workplace.

We deliver in-house corporate training in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and anywhere else in Australia.

We tailor and customise

We specialise in tailoring programs to your business, budget and needs. Our experienced and skilled facilitators adapt, design and deliver any interpersonal skills program to suit your objectives. With tailored and targeted programs, your participants don’t waste any precious time with irrelevant content.

Applying it in practice

One of the biggest challenges in training is the application of the new skills back in the workplace. For in-house training we partner with you to build as many application elements as possible to ensure the learning sticks and is applied. How we do it:

  • We ensure participants complete a pre-course survey, preparing them for the program. Participants set clear objectives before arriving into our courses.
  • We work with you to maximise the involvement of the participants’ manager in the process:
    • The easiest way is through our ‘Manager’s Coaching Pack’, which we provide at no cost. This tool makes it easy and time-efficient to coach team members before and after training, boosting ROI of training.
    • More effective is when we deliver a short workshop to leaders in your organisation about how theire involvement can maximise the value of training.
  • We deliver experiential and engaging training.
  • We offer tools, techniques and strategies to manage situations participants deal with all the time. We link back any theory to experiences of the participants and real-life stories.
  • We continually emphasise the importance of action planning and make sufficient time throughout the workshop for participants to create their action plans.
  • The program manual is an excellent and detailed reference. Participants use this to review and expand their knowledge.
  • We often include a one-page summary of key information. Our experience is that most participants hang this summary at the workstation and refer to it jogging their memory.
  • We offer many options to build in multiple touch moments into a training program. We thereby maximise retention of knowledge and skill. Our strategies dramatically improve motivation and practical implementation in day-to-day work.
  • We offer options to set up peer coaching pairs or groups, promoting accountability and engagement.
  • We offer one-on-one coaching, usually by the program facilitator, accelerating the building of skills and putting new behaviours into practice.
  • We deliver action learning workshops: small group coaching workshops that are entirely focussed on discussing and problem-solving the reality of putting it all into practice.

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