Leading Change

We are operating in a time of exponential change. However, change can be frightening – it can make many people fearful, cynical and resistant.

If organisations plan, manage and communicate well, they can achieve the opposite and have people participating enthusiastically in a culture of change.

This change management training program builds the skills to drive successful change – harnessing the energies for quick change whilst dealing proactively with the hurdles and navigating around the pitfalls.

Tailored Leading Change training program – virtual or in-house training – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


This managing change training is designed for leaders or anyone  managing change initiatives.


In this Change Management training course participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and manage risks
  • Identify the role leadership plays in various change and transformation approaches
  • Build confidence leading change involving complexity, disruption and ambiguity
  • Apply effective change leadership skills
  • Create requisite resources and capability to enable change
  • Build adaptability, resilience and agility for self, others and organisation
  • Successfully lead change.

Delivered in-house at your premises or in a virtual environment

We deliver our training programs either through:

Tailored Change Leadership or Change Management training program

Delivering change management training as an in-house program is economical when you have five or more participants. We boost your return on investment because we tailor the training experience. We tailor:

  • Content: you mix and match topics
    • language, by including your business info and terminology
  • Duration: from a one-hour presentation to a multiple-day program and everything in between
    • time of day
    • anything else relevant to you.

We also coach individuals to build skills in Leading and Managing Change.

How we can help you implement a successful change program

If you are looking at implementing a strategic change program there are many aspects to think about. ICML can do so much more than delivering a Change Management workshop or program. Hire our Change Management consultants to help you avoid common pitfalls and create organisation-wide support for your initiatives. What are the costs of a failed change program? What if you add up all the direct and hidden costs of failure? Play it safe and ask us how we can help you at any stage of your initiative:

  • call 1300 655 098
  • start a chat at the bottom of our page
  • send us a message

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