Courageous Conversations testimonials


Dept of Families Fairness and Housing VIC – Lena

"Rob was able to keep me engaged for the whole day which is amazing. Rob was also able to challenge and encourage the group to self-reflect."


Specsavers – Participant

"I thought Matt was a great facilitator, he has the right mix of advice and examples and the workbook was laid out really well. He had a really friendly and relaxed manner."


Cladding Safety Victoria – Nick

"Fantastic facilitation of the program and great insights on using various different techniques."


Phillip Island Nature Parks – Carolyn

"Excellently presented and engaging style of teaching, appreciate Matthew’s method and examples. Thank you very much Matthew! "


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Kat

"Well done Martin and team, this is an excellent course (especially over Zoom!). You used the values of conversations that the course espouses, like responding to everyone's individual work/learning/conversation styles, giving us all a chance to be heard and to matter. Great having such a small group to give everyone a chance to be heard and so we aren’t just sitting there listening like some courses. There is a lot to digest, but I've learnt a lot from this, and will keep drawing on this course in different situations. I’m about to recommend a friend attend a session!"


Banyule City Council – Karen

"Paul was informed, practical and encouraged group input. Awesome examples and relevant lived experiences."


Godfreys – Alby

"Paul was super engaging and presented extremely well."


Asahi Beverages – Richelle

"Matt was friendly and easy to understand. Would highly recommend this course to all managers."


Lite 'n Easy – Leanne

"Thank you Martin, I now have the knowledge to structure conversations and also to not delay them."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Emma

"Justine is an awesome facilitator. This is my second time attending the session and it was a good refresher. All of the content presented was relevant and relatable. I often find online sessions difficult for me to stay focused but Justine is very engaging and does a great job at holding the attention of the group. I also found the number of breaks to be just right! Great work, I would love to attend these sessions at least annually."


Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School – Paul

"Great links to experience, great speed of delivery and experience in delivering the content. Great opportunity to uncover some techniques and tools that are extremely important when having challenging conversations. I will endeavour to put these skills into practise in the future."


Australian Independent Record Labels Association – Lauren

"Jill was absolutely phenomenal. I have sat through MANY Zoom presentations in the past couple of years and Jill’s was one of the best I’ve seen."


Anglicare Victoria – Jacqui

"Justine presenting style was engaging and not intimidating. Although l have participated in a number of similar training, l was able to come out of this training with a few new learnings that l can see will add value to how interact with peers and clients."


Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment – Kevin

"Matthew was very engaging. He delivered a concise, effective training that embedded essential and important points on conversations and performance."


Hudson Institute of Medical Research – Sylvia

"I really enjoyed the course materials and Paul’s delivery. Paul has been an awesome facilitator and very engaging in his delivery. It made me reflect on my interaction in the workplace and how I can improve certain areas for more effective communication."


Plantation Homes – Robert

"Suzanne was relatable and provided great interaction including role plays. The program has helped me to build a better understanding on feedback and styles analysis."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Linda

"Justine is a fun and enthusiastic presenter who kept me engaged and willing to learn. I completed the course with useful information that I will implement today and in the future, both within my work and home life. Online is more challenging to keep participants engaged than face to face, however Justine did an amazing job with this. She is enthusiastic, and provided a balance of interaction (scenarios and 'break out rooms') and written information that kept me engaged."


RMIT – Reza

"Great overall! Great use of my time. Highly recommended. Content wise the workshop was great. "


Moula – Will

"This workshop was insightful, informative and entirely practical. The methods I learnt today will absolutely help my approach to give and receive feedback. "


Victoria Police - Laura

"Very engaging. Great activities. Lynne was very knowledgeable, direct and honest about how to tackle conversations."


Berry Street – Jess

"Excellent training really enjoyed the day and have many things to take back to the team. Lynne held my attention all day."


Canberra Innovation Network – Samantha

"Erin was very engaging and knowledgeable. I found the entire day to be interesting and applicable to real life concepts and difficult conversations. Very practical."


Transdev NSW – Kiersten

"David was fantastic in his knowledge and delivery. He was incredibly engaging and related well to participants. "


Diabetes Victoria – Casey

"Paul was very engaging and insightful. Very knowledgeable and teaching techniques were interactive. I’ve learnt a lot of different skills and techniques through this course that I feel I will be able to utilise in my day to day role. I felt engaged throughout the whole session. "


Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment – Bianca

"Very interactive! With my role as manager, I am continuously providing feedback and this program and how Matthew presented it really helps with that. "


CPA – Public Practice Conference – Participant

"Great session. Very practical. Lots of real life relatable examples. Highly recommend the presenter - Mark. Only 10-15 in the room and the intimate workshop worked well. "


Wyndham City Council – Participant

"A vibrant, positive and engaging workshop delivered by a skilled communicator. Useful ideas and practices shared throughout. The activities/interactive components were particularly enjoyable and useful. Rob did well to build a sense of camaraderie in the room. Well done. "


Baw Baw Shire Council – Participant

"Justine is great! I really learnt a lot that will be really helpful – especially being new to a leadership role. Really engaging especially for a zoom meeting! Was great to still go into the breakout rooms and practice with others."


Xero – Smita

"Loved the way the training was structured. Felt half day was too short for this training and could have more interactive sessions. Justine did an excellent job."


Victoria Police - Milorad

"Lynne was wonderful and made the course interesting and engaging. In my role as Acting Supervisor I have to deal with situations and this course gives me opportunity to tackle issues with confidence."


Canberra Innovation Network – Bryden

"This workshop was really valuable. It provided me with insights into how to deal with difficult conversations and best practice. Erin was energetic and kept the content moving along."


RMIT University – Louise

"Andrea was excellent – very clear and gave great examples. She was knowledgeable and helpful. Andrea had a good grasp of the time we needed to get across these concepts, practice and re-cap This was a succinct and effective program – highly recommended."


Moula – Participant

"Justine was very clear and engaging, interactive and made the session fun. Have attended HR sessions in the past which were condescending or dry. This had everyone involved. Really well-presented information and good interaction and simulations to make it actionable. Material was relevant."


Xero – Ayush

"Justine was excellent! Why? She had very good knowledge about the subject - she did not really read the book it was all coming from her head which I loved. Justine made the sessions interactive - making us to try and give and receive feedback using different techniques. 11/10. "


Victoria Police - Rob

"Lynne was engaging and didn’t skip a beat. Fantastic facilitator and obvious expert knowledge. Great framework provided."


Baw Baw Shire Council – Mark

"Thank you Justine, your interactive training, whereby you included each participant by sharing out tasks and used each person’s names in examples, was engaging and effective. Your availability in the breakout rooms offered our room support when we had hit a road block, and it was much appreciated. The format of the workshop was facilitated by Justine who used face to face training techniques so it was effective and retained personal impact."


YOSHC - Participant

"Suzanne had an excellent approach and style of facilitating. I learnt extremely valuable skills that I will apply in my career. Her presentation is very engaging. I had a great overall training experience. "


RMIT University – Participant

"Really great and these concepts/frameworks apply in every part of life whether it’s professional or personal. Andrea is great and really took that extra step to explain the details of the program very well."


Canberra Innovation Network – Naore

"Great workshop, very informative!! Well planned and executed, easy to digest and apply. The program taught me about my personality. This in turn has better equipped me to understand how to overcome difficult situations."


Victoria Police - Participant

"The skills learnt from today I do believe I will take these learnings throughout my whole career and life. Thank you"


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Debra

"Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed the session and will definitely put what I have learnt into practice. Session was very informative. Subject matter was presented in a way that was easily understood. "


Wyndham City Council - Participant

"The whole session was very engaging and a great mix of table discussion vs. group discussion. Well done, thank you!"


Berry Street - Catalina

"Lynne is really experienced, charming and has a great knowledge. Super recommended, fun to do!! Great learning."


Shelde – Kushagra

"Loved Mark’s styles of teaching. Very fun, informative and knowledgeable. Loved the program. Would definitely recommend to anyone in a consulting/management position. Very beneficial. Got to learn tips and tricks on how to handle tough situations."


Parenting Research Centre - Kate

"Paul was very engaging, stayed on topic and kept the day relevant. I have had experience in these areas over many years. The reminder of strategies was unexpectedly worthwhile!"


Falls Creek Resort - Stuart (CEO)

"Highly recommend ICML for personalised and personable training needs. The course was impactful, effective and provided action points for all members to take away and improve upon. Great investment!"


RSPCA - Nadia

"Paul was fantastic. Paul chose key subjects to discuss and then delved deeper. Great information and facilitator. The program was very engaging and interactive. "


Moonee Valley City Council - Rose-Marie

"Mechelle was engaging and had a sound knowledge of the subject. I plan to use the tools to provide a positive and energised culture to my team. "


Melbourne City Mission – Joanne

"Suzanne is an expert in the content and ability to deliver. I enjoyed developing greater understanding of my weakness and areas I need to be aware of. Adult, Parent and Child responses – I will be using this in supervision to engage and develop staff. "


Merriwa – Joanne

"I really enjoyed Suzanne's style and presentation. Stories that were real based on Suzanne’s experience and the other participants and being able to analyse those stories and refine feedback. "


Dineen Group (Westernport Roadlines) – Glenn

"Very interesting and thought provoking on dealing with different personality types. Very well presented. "


Moonee Valley City Council – Rose-Marie

"Mechelle was engaging and had sound knowledge of the subject. I plan to use the tools to provide a positive and energised culture to my team. "


William Adams - Kelly

"Facilitator was fantastic, very knowledgeable on the topic. I learnt a lot and can apply these skills both at home and the workplace. "


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Kelly

"Suzanne was the right mix of fun and informative. The session was really useful and I will definitely be using the strategies."


Melbourne City Mission - Vanessa

"Great manual which I shall refer back to – so many points resonated with me. Will definitely use in professional and personal life. Super engaging facilitator, time flew! Loved all the activities. Suzanne made excellent points and I listened to every word. Super engaging, interesting, fun, helpful and overall awesome training. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks for a great day!"