Business Writing testimonials


Pernod Ricard – Juan

"Honestly, when I saw that we were going to have 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours each about writing I thought I couldn’t keep attention during the whole training. But the way Ian delivered the sessions and how the content was structured and prepared, left me with the feeling of wanting more sessions! I think it was one of the workshops/trainings where I’ve learnt the most. I would absolutely recommend it!"


Department of Home Affairs – Gim

"Lynne is a very engaging presenter and it’s been the best course I’ve attended in a long time."


Mornington Peninsula Shire – Clara

"Great facilitation, strong examples, engaging facilitation style. A fantastic training session. Has changed the way I approach writing."


Goulburn Valley Water – Regan

"Lynne was incredibly knowledgeable and was great at explaining concepts. I am more confident now in being able to write to the audience."


Keysight Technologies – Chris

"One of the best training modules I have completed for career development so far."


Whitsunday Regional Council – Nicole

"Lynne ran the course extremely well. Kept it informative and interesting without overloading with too much information."


Medical Indemnity Protection Insurance – Paul

"An excellent session and the best I’ve attended on this topic over the years. Worked really well - I’d not seen the breakout tools used on zoom before so a bonus bit of learning there."


Kane Constructions – Rachel

"Fantastic course. Thank you Lynne!"


People’s Choice Credit Union – Lisa

"Highly recommend course. Really kept me engaged."


Central Highlands Regional Council – Scott Mason – Chief Executive Officer

"The Report Writing Training delivered by ICML was extremely engaging, professional and highly beneficial for council officers to develop and advance their report writing skills. The training provided staff with not only useful writing techniques and resources, but with a greater confidence and understanding of writing practices. I would highly recommend ICML to anyone wishing to progress their writing skills!"


NDIS Commission – Chris

"Lynne was very structured in her presentation and explained everything very clearly and succinctly. She was also a pleasure to listen to with her explanations on writing styles and the little things that can help with your writing of documents and emails. "


gotafe - Tanya

"Really good session to bring the participants up to date with current practices. Lots of good tips on how to keep your report succinct and on point. Lynne was great, very engaging. "


Wood – Steve

"A very enlightening course, which was well presented. I thought I was good at writing until I realised I have much to learn and practise. Lynne is very knowledgeable and uses clear messages and examples. "


National Tax & Accountants’ Association – Participant

"I found the course very informative and look forward to applying all I learnt to my writing."


Catholic Education Melbourne – Sidharth

"Using samples from our own drafted documents made all the difference to the learning. "


Sealink Travel Group – Participant

"Lynne was very helpful and provided relevant details. Very easy to follow."


Energy Safe Victoria – Eliana

"Lynne is a fantastic training facilitator because she made learning simple, interactive & enjoyable. During our virtual Business Case training with Lynne, I noticed a significant difference between self-paced online learning and a personalised training program, like the one delivered by ICML. I have learned and absorbed more information in one day’s worth of training (delivered via 90-minute sessions over multiple weeks) than I have in last 6 months while completing a self-paced online Project Management course."


AITSL – Participant

"Lynne was knowledgeable and engaging and maintained a good pace for the workshops. The live workshop worked well, the breakout rooms were a good substitute for the usual breaking off into groups during a face-to-face workshop."


Department of Treasury and Finance – Natalie

"Lynne is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Lynne has a high level of knowledge and is a clear communicator. Fun!"


CPA – Participant

"Very worthwhile. Having break out sessions was great and so too was having your own work evaluated as part of group discussions."


Beyond Blue – Participant

"The sessions were invaluable. Really easy to follow, engaging, I learned a lot. The perfect amount of conversation and collaboration. I'd recommend to everybody. I thought it was run really well. I appreciated that the need for extra breaks was factored in, so it never felt too tiring or overwhelming."


Anglicare Victoria – Kimberley

"Another informative session that will be highly encouraged for all management to attend. It was great! Highly engaging. "


WorkSafe Victoria – Michael

"Lynne is an accomplished presenter who retains people's attention by keeping things active. I love writing, believe I'm above average, and was happy to pick up a few tips to improve further. "


Fitzroy Basin Association - Johanna

"This is not your average communication training session. If you want some real skills that will help you personally and professionally this is it! Suzanne was brilliant. Highly engaging and brought light to some very interesting thoughts and methods. I thought I had some skills in this are but I’ve been turned on my head. Mindblowing information and learnings. I would have liked another day (I would never normally say this)."


Central Highlands Regional Council – Bill

"Well done Lynne - very interactive, great examples across a range of disciplines and topics. Need to extend the program to as many staff as possible. "


City of Casey – Participant

"Lynne’s session was excellent and I would highly recommend it to others. The program was well-delivered and engaging - could have easily become a very dry subject in someone else's hands. "


AITSL – Shaun

"Loved the real world examples of AITSL content, felt the logic of the workshop was fantastic. Online format worked really well, great interactive elements as a group and in breakout rooms."


Development Victoria - Kristy

"Loved the day and found it all very useful. Lynne is knowledgeable, interesting and effective. I came into the workshop wondering how to write more directly and effectively, and I got exactly that. "


People’s Choice Credit Union – Leanne

"Really beneficial to the organisation. Lynne was fantastic and I highly recommend this course to everyone in the organisation."


Kingston City Council – Pam

"Lynne is a great presenter and very engaging with everyone. Lots of tips Lynne showed us when writing emails I would have never picked up prior to the session."


City of Greater Bendigo – Participant

"A course that takes your personal input and uses it to improve your professional skills in an enjoyable and effective way. Facilitation was enjoyable, engaging and effective in communication. "


City of Casey – Participant

"Lynne was engaging the whole time – no moments of nodding off or inattention. Plus working on real life examples made the practice very relevant. The best one day course I have attended in quite some time. The skill and experience of the facilitator is evident."


Department of Treasury and Finance - Karen

"We have been utilising Lynne’s skills over the years. Lynne is our ‘go-to’ person for writing, editing, writing for government courses every 2-3 years. We will continue to do so. "


Odgers Berndtson – Katie

"Jill was very personable and concise with her approach. The day flowed extremely well because of her styles and organisation. Very beneficial. It’s been refreshing to understand contemporary ways of writing."


Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand – Rachel

"Excellent delivery. Lynne is engaging and very knowledgeable. I now have a much better understanding of how business writing is different to other forms eg. academic."


Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council – Anthony

"Great course! Lynne was a charismatic facilitator and great teacher. Great, interactive and well balanced between activities and learning. Great learning tools. Looking forward to reflecting and implementing the key points."


Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment - Afsaneh

"Highly recommended! Thanks, Lynne. The workshop was very useful and practical. Lynne was easy to connect with, experienced and responsive. "


People’s Choice Credit Union – Jessica

"Lynne was very engaging and enjoyable to learn from. I write a lot of emails and diary notes and the course has helped me identify where I can improve on my writing. I actually have no suggestions for improvement – the program was fantastic, especially the use of our own examples."


Tatura Milk – Robyn

"Lynne is knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. The content was concise and at just the right pace. Had fun!"


Development Victoria - Dean

"Lynne was fantastic and presented in a very informative style! Her delivery was excellent – very interesting. This program is very beneficial, as I am required to write business cases and reports in my role. "


Fitzroy Basin Association - Meg

"Suzanne was fantastic, lovely, very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. I found the program very beneficial. Will help me become more confident when presenting at workshops and addressing landholders, peers and industry bodies. Fantastic couple of days. Very constructive. Would highly recommend to others wishing to build on or improve their written and communication skills "


WorkSafe Victoria – Lisa

"The most useful and productive training I have ever attended."


Forestry SA – Sonya

"Lynne was engaging and brought us out of our protective shells to access our own work constructively. Lynne was very thorough, entertaining, succinct and used relevant examples."


Cenitex – Jasmeet

"Lynne is an excellent coach who knows the subject extremely well and ran the course in an interactive and very enjoyable manner."


Parenting Research Centre – Catherine

"Fabulous day spent with Lynne. Really engaging and informative. "


Choice Hotels – Anthony

"Very practical, good to use real-life examples. Communication is important to your business, that’s why you should take this course."


AusNet Services – David

"Good fun, ideal level of participation. Could be a dry subject it was delivered in an interesting way. Loved it, thanks. Excellent course and Lynne is a very professional facilitator. Great tools that were relevant to activities and which I’ll be using in the immediate future."


BMW Group – Kelly

"I would highly recommend this program to anyone, even if you think your writing skills do not need improving."


Central Highlands Regional Council – Participant

"The training was very informative and engaging. Zoom was also an effective platform for remote training."


Bega Cheese – Bronwyn

"Lynne knows her stuff and can work a crowd! Lynne has a way of making writing fun and interesting. Great critiques and insight into writing styles. "


Parenting Research Centre – Kellie

"Lynne was an engaging and energetic presenter who addressed the subject matter succinctly and effectively. Lynne has a very persuasive way of engaging her audience and challenging them in a positive way to reflect on their work. Great platform for me to engage with colleagues further on this important topic. "


BAO Australia – Mary

"Andrea was well prepared, smart and humorous. What I learned will not only benefit my work but also my life. Andrea is a very experienced and considerate instructor. "


Leidos – Brooke

"Lynne is wonderful. She made the training fun and interactive. I could easily do days of this! Lynne is excellent, knowledgeable, interactive and inclusive. We learnt things I thought I was doing right for some years that I can now rectify."


Beyond Blue – Simon

"Lynne was a fantastic facilitator who delivered a great program. It was an engaging and interesting use of examples to illustrate some of the issues within the organisation. "


Brimbank City Council – Pam

"Lynne is clear, concise and great communicator. Excellent at transferring knowledge. Provides feedback without causing embarrassment. Excellent training. Worth a full day out of the office due to the outcomes. Practical and results orientated. "


WorkSafe Victoria - Karen

"Loved it! I thought my writing skills were already high but I’ve learned there is lots of room for polishing and improvement! "


Central Highlands Regional Council – James

"Very informative, one of the best training sessions I have undertaken since joining local government. "


Development Victoria - Keri

"This is a fantastic course for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Examples were relatable and highlighted areas for improvement. Lynne is enthusiastic and full of knowledge. A great course – never a dull moment!"


DVJS Employment Solutions - Carol

"It was our absolute pleasure to recently have ICML deliver the Writing Powerful Emails course at our premises. The facilitator, Lynne, was both an informative and engaging presenter and held our interest through the half day session, with even a few laughs along the way. Already what I have learned is proving valuable in my work and will make a difference to the professionalism of my team. Thank you to the ICML team for making the process of organising the course easy and everything went without glitch. Highly recommend this course for even those who consider themselves competent email writers. We never stop learning."


WorkSafe Victoria – Abbey

"Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all tips and tricks for professional writing. Thanks for everything!"


People’s Choice Credit Union – Olivia

"The programme was excellent, content was personalised and allowed opportunity to edit our own work. Lynne tailored the programme, kept it engaging and taught us a lot. "


Parenting Research Centre – Ben

"Excellent program!! All aspects were very helpful, even after years of writing. It’s nice to have an experienced facilitator making the trick of good writing explicit. Lynne was excellent – very good pace (not too slow) and not going down rabbit holes. Very engaging. "


Bega Cheese – Jennifer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others, Very enjoyable. "


Oxfam Australia - Meg

"A great combination of basic writing principles with application options and examples."


Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists - Paul

"I liked how the course covered various types of writing (documents, emails etc). The small group was perfect and a good environment to learn in."


Reddin Partners - Nigel

"Peter was a great and informative facilitator who made us feel comfortable from the beginning and working as a team at the end."


AITSL - Caroline

"The course was practical, interactive, informative and action oriented. With little background in business writing – it was useful to learn new and practical skills."


Dow Chemical - Steven

"Peter was engaging, funny and very knowledgeable on the Effective Business Writing course. Course materials were well structured and easy to navigate with exercises that were fun, varied and perfectly timed to avoid “post lunch dip”. The course more than paid for itself in re-invigorating my writing."


Elder Rights Advocacy - Anthea

"A well organised and facilitated course of excellent, contemporary, meaningful content which was well structured and delivered."


Diabetes Victoria - Carla

"Peter was a great facilitator with fun material to learn. Interactive learning and engaging environment."


Monash Business School - Melinda

"Many takeaways and actions/skills I can apply and use in my day to day work. Small group – extremely beneficial to ask questions off topic. Much appreciated."


Fitzroy Basin Association - Ebony

"Fantastic program - very rarely do we host training that participants want to extend or wish lasted longer, but that's the response this writing, presenting and communicating with influence course received."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Patty

"Brilliant workshop. Wish I attended years ago. Will assist in everything I do in the office. Thank you."


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Carolyn

"I am already using the skills by referring to the quick reference guides and participant manual. I am now writing in the active voice and am clearly including my main message first. I have booked for the Advanced Business Writing workshop – I can’t wait."


Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership - Kate

"Lynne was great – delivered really well and kept it interesting. I learned skills and tips that will really easy to apply to my writing."


Monash University - Angela

"Peter was very engaging and inclusive. Honed skills, particularly around making my writing more concise and effective. I write so many emails, I can already see how this will help me tomorrow."


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - Veronica

"Peter is a great trainer/facilitator. Very clear and engaging in his presentation. Very helpful in my every day email correspondence and program report writing."


Officeworks - Nicole

"Lynne was fantastic! Valid examples and real-life experience. Really fun learning and unlearning! "


One-Forty-One Plantations - Emma-Kate Griffiths, General Manager - Human Resources

"A significant period of change in our organisation resulted in the identification of a broad range of training requirements. We contacted ICML who meet our immediate needs, but have also continued to work with us to further develop our employees. Training has been delivered at our business site, tailored to our objectives, with a personalised and practical focus. I don’t think I have ever received such positive and strong feedback from participants on the courses we have held – even our CE has heard the ‘buzz’ about the recent session, Advanced Business Writing, and the Executive team are participating in a further session. I would recommend ICML for any customised training to help your employees learn practical tips and reach their potential!! "


Forestry SA - Leilani

"Lynne was very talented at engaging the group and facilitating active learning. I was alert and interested throughout the day."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Nadia

"Thanks Lynne – really enjoyed the session. Logical structure and great range of topics covered."


Spotlight Retail Group - Mignon

"Great presentation skills. Kept the course flowing well. Peter was a great facilitator."


Australian Dairy Farmers - Doris

"The course was excellent. I would recommend the course for someone like myself because you gained a lot that you would not know."


Jetpets - Sally

"Fantastic! Lynne had done great research and prepared relevant documents that were presented well. Lynne was fantastic. She gave great tips that will make a huge difference to our business both externally and internally."


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Claire

"A fantastic trainer and great session. I can’t wait for Lynne’s next course!"


Nutrition Australia - Lucinda

"Great balance of theory and practical application to improving my business writing skills."


Forestry SA - Anne

"I really enjoyed this course and can immediately deploy tactics I’ve learnt today, in my work. Lynne was a fantastic presenter, knowledgeable, funny and professional."


Business for Millennium Development - David

"Peter was an excellent facilitator that engaged well with the course participants and was able to communicate the content in a relevant way."


Australian Pork - Tony

"Had a valuable day with Peter developing skills that will be of great benefit professionally and personally. Was a good learning environment for me. Exactly what I needed. It has given me renewed confidence and an ability to more effectively plan and write with purpose and direction. It was great."


Working Three - Stephanie

"Peter was an engaging trainer. Best training day I have ever had! The training day with Peter was insightful and enjoyable. This course and day exceeded my expectations – I can’t recommend this enough!"


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Jodie

"I gained valuable information on audience, structure writing and the correct use of grammar and punctuation"


Jetpets - Danielle

"Lynne is fantastic and very knowledgeable. Thank you. I would recommend all businesses to participate in this course. I really enjoyed how it was done, how we got to correct our errors and the examples related to our line of work."


Officeworks - Tom

"This has been an eye opening experience and will definitely change my old habits. This program will definitely get you thinking about changing old writing habits and help you to develop a new set of writing skills to communication to high level executives, managers and board members."


Nutrition Australia - Participant

"I feel ten-fold more confident after completing today’s workshop. Thank you Peter!"


Specsavers - participant

"The pace and class size were spot on and the facilitator Lynne was clearly very knowledgeable. Lynne is easily one of the best presenters I’ve seen."


Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) - Hollie

"Very good facilitator. Peter had a warm and inviting manner and was very inclusive of all participants. "


Macquarie Leasing - Keith

"The workshop gave me the skills to write more persuasively and I have a better understanding as to how I should structure my writing. ICML's organisation was excellent; I had a reminder several times about my attendance including email, text message."