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Advanced Training Facilitation Skills

Spectacular training doesn’t happen by accident. It requires special skills, great preparation and practice. This advanced training facilitation course will develop the mastery to deliver remarkable training sessions.

Through more advanced theory and above all, a lot of skills practice, this course will equip and inspire participants to create and deliver exciting training programs.

Tailored Advanced Train the Trainer program – virtual or in-house delivery – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


This Advanced Facilitation Training program is designed for HR officers or workplace trainers with a theoretical and practical foundation in workplace training, for instance a Cert IV TAE.


In a typical advanced training facilitation skills course, experienced workplace trainers will learn how to:

  • Create a positive learning atmosphere
  • Use advanced facilitation strategies
  • Add fun and humour to sessions
  • Discover and practise the power of story telling
  • Sharpen your use of visual aids
  • Present without PowerPoint
  • Use advanced interventions in difficult situations.

Delivered in-house at your premises or in a virtual environment

We deliver our training programs either through:

Tailored advanced facilitation program

Delivering a tailored in-house training program is economical and effective. We deliver this advanced train-the-trainer course as a one-hour interactive presentation or a multiple-day program and everything in between. Ask us how we can tailor the program to suit your needs:

  • call 1300 655 098
  • start a chat at the bottom of our page
  • send us a message

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