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Reports are a vital source of information in your organisation. Good reports are accurate, objective and, most importantly, well written. The reader absorbs the right information and make decisions easier if they are aided by a clear structure that highlights important facts and figures and language that is easy to read.

Annual reports, progress reports, contact reports, technical reports and more: whatever report your employees regularly write, our report writing course ensures they are crafted to be immediately understood and actioned.

Tailored Report Writing training program – virtual or in-house delivery – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


Our report writing training courses are designed for anyone who writes reports. We adapt the course content to suit whatever reports your organisation produces and we train your teams’ report writing skills accordingly.

Course outcomes

Upon completion of this report writing training course, your employees will be able to:

  • Identify the key elements of a successful business report
  • Identify the purpose of the report and how to best deliver information
  • Effectively plan content before writing their report
  • Structure ideas in the most logical and accessible manner
  • Make better use of headings and subheadings for skimming
  • Identify and convey key messages
  • Construct correct, concise and highly readable sentences
  • Tailor their language and writing style to their target audience
  • Use facts, figures, tables and graphs to better convey information
  • Effectively engage readers with language and tone
  • Write an impactful executive summary review

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We provide report writing courses to organisations all across Australia. The content can be delivered either through an in-person workshop at your office or via our online training programs.

To ensure your employees get the most from our course, we implement your organisation’s style guide, formatting, and any other document specifications.

We use participants’ own documents as case studies, allowing them to improve their skills and see how to apply the concepts in their real-world context. This will also help the instructor better assess your employees’ current writing ability and what areas to focus on during the training program for the best outcomes.

All work used during exercises and group discussions will be anonymous. Participants will be given opportunities to receive feedback on their writing skills and apply report writing techniques throughout the course.

Training courses tailor-made for your organisation

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t best when it comes to effective training courses. That’s why we tailor each aspect of our courses to suit you and the way you work.

We can change the number of training sessions in a series, the topics and writing techniques covered, the difficulty level based on existing knowledge, the exercises used, and more based on your organisation’s purpose and unique requirements.

Not sure what you need? One of our lovely team members will be happy to help design a program that works for your people.

What makes a good report?

There are a lot of bad writers out there. And, if our jobs aren’t necessarily working on the written word all day, we can usually get away with it.

But when it comes to writing a business report, our writing skills are front and centre. If your employees are tasked with writing essential reports for the operation of your organisation, make sure they are set up for success.

Business writing should be simple, concise and clear. It’s all about communicating a message. Reports aren’t read for fun; your reader will scan through and pick out the information and ideas they need.

Structure is absolutely essential here, both the overall composition of the document and the individual sentences. It shouldn’t take forever for readers to find what they’re looking for; you need to make sure your report is easy to navigate. And remember: when it comes to a report, size isn’t a good determiner of worth. Use the least number of words required to meet your aim and you’ll be set.

Of course, words aren’t the only thing you’ll need to consider — half our brain is dedicated to interpreting visual information. This means the layout and accompanying visuals you include in a report are crucial for communicating with your audience. Graphs, charts, infographics: all of these can be used to better demonstrate the information to readers.

These are just some of the factors that contribute to better report writing. It takes time, experience — and, of course, the right training.

Everything you need for better business reports.

Business reports are essential for any organisation, regardless of what sector you’re in. Not only do they play a key role in major decision making, but they also help to document spending, sales, budgets, meetings, and other important activities.

Basically? A business report is a reflection of your organisation. You want it to be perfect.

Writing a better business report is all about having the right knowledge and experience to articulate your ideas to readers. We take participants through the process step by step — everything they need to know to improve their written communication skills.

We understand our participants have different learning styles and come from different backgrounds: human resources, project management, leadership, and more. Our course facilitators are trained to effectively support your people as needed and ensure that the content is accessible for everyone.

Whether you need a simple refresher on report writing or are new to the game, we guarantee you’ll leave the course equipped with all the tools you’ll need to write valuable reports.

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