Project Management testimonials


Kingston City Council - Participant

"Fantastic refresher for any who have done PM training and a great intro for those who haven’t. The techniques learnt can be used across many departments. "


South Gippsland Shire Council – Meaghan

"This was a very interactive session and Mark was fantastic and very engaging. I feel like I have come away from the session with further knowledge about project management."


Banyule City Council – James

"We started good conversations and came away with some great tools for better PCGs and to develop better sponsors."


Mornington Peninsula Shire – Brett

"Annelize is a very clear and confident presenter. I found the practical exercises most valuable. Great learning material. "


Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) – Jane

"Mark was engaging and energetic – kept the focus and clear delivery."


The Fathering Project – Terry

"Georgina challenged us and shared practical tips and suggestions for improvement. I enjoyed the second day in particular as it really got me thinking about the practical application."


Hearing Australia – Joni

"Brenda was absolutely brilliant facilitating and accommodating change through the workshop day."


AITSL – Beth

"Mark was an engaging and informative presenter. I loved the use of real world examples. I also appreciated the style of presenting by using humour and speaking in a varied tone. Great course! Thanks Mark."


Parliament of Victoria – Amy

"I found all the handouts really useful and the activities really valuable. I’ll definitely use these concepts in my day to day working life. Thank you Craig you were wonderful. Very engaging."


Godfreys – Trevor

"Brenda was very knowledgeable and able to give great examples. A really good program."


Nationwide Group – Taryn

"Excellent. Brenda was very positive, supportive and involved."


Queensland University of Technology – Participant

"Amazing session - extremely valuable to be able to learn new skills and contextualise them using projects completed by my team in the past."


DELWP – Kris

"Gill was fabulous and very engaging, definitely recommend staff to undertake this course."


Swatch Group Australia - Nick

"This course has made me reassess my management skills and style and provide a structure to improve and develop my skills. Justine was very professional, excellent communicator and structured the content in a meaningful and logistic format. Good balance of theory and practice."


Versent – James

"Craig was very engaging and able to deliver the message clearly. Lots of self realisations I had not thought of – the course highlighted a lot of things for me. I found the informal discussions were very valuable, particularly when I could open up about some experiences and get advice."


Versent – Paul

"Superb, entertaining and informative. Would recommend everyone at Versent to go through this training. Craig was very engaging and thought provoking. Some good models and strategies to try out in the real world."


Shield Mercantile - Shelby

"David is a very good trainer. Program was very informative and extremely interesting. David has an extreme amount of knowledge – will look into further courses with him. Thank you. "


Shield Mercantile - Georgina

"David was engaging and had us involved, did not think for us, however made us think for ourselves. It is completely worth the money! Made us feel comfortable and shared so much knowledge."


RSPCA - Carmen

"Robin was knowledgeable, experienced and engaging. Great overview and helpful tools that I will be able to implement. The course was practical and made me think differently."


Diabetes Victoria - Carolyn

"Thanks Robin for a very informative and practical day. I will definitely implement some of the learnings in my current project. Lots of great, practical tools and information."


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - Yvonne

"This was a well organised and informative course that has practical applications. Robin had good examples and real life experience."


Monash University - Krista

"Robin was really good at explaining all the terminology clearly and gave examples that helped me to understand better. This has helped me learn all the basics and the tools how to best tackle a project from start to finish."


World Vision Australia – Jordana

"As a project manager myself, the content was familiar but was still a good reminder of important tools and skills and provided good interaction with colleagues on the topic. John was an excellent facilitator – highly engaging and able to deliver the material in an easy format."


AITSL - Participant

"Anita has a wealth of expert knowledge and an incredible ability to map every example thrown at her, back to best practice project management. Thank you."



"Anita brings a great deal of knowledge and passion to the course. Lots of great useful information and suggested actions. Very useful."


AITSL - Sarah

"A highly informative course delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator – lots of opportunities to apply learning in context."


AITSL - Jillian

"Anita is a very engaging facilitator, has excellent knowledge and makes you feel encouraged to contribute. Really enjoyed the workshop. Very practical and will be easy to implement day to day."


Officeworks - Vanessa

"Anita did a great job making the material relevant for our circumstances. Great advice of how to deal with real examples. Easy to understand and makes the whole idea of project management less daunting. The workshop provides a very easy to follow and implement process. Information was great detail but not overwhelming."


Officeworks - Christina

"Anita was very professional and knowledgeable. Really appreciate such an authentic training style – very enjoyable. The workshop was extremely thorough and provided relevant information. Thoroughly recommend for anyone undertaking project work of any type. Very valuable and applicable information."


Officeworks - Laura

"Everything was explained in detail and I liked the way Anita encouraged group discussion. I found the session very informative and some of the project management techniques very valuable. Fantastic session to learn the fundamentals of project management."


Conference Call International - Kelly

"I enjoyed Craig’s delivery and demeanour. He customised the presentation/training to our unique situation. Great session. I enjoyed the smaller group."


Conference Call International - Participant

"Training was beneficial and I was happy with Craig’s delivery. I have had a lot of management training before and facilitated similar topics myself but it was amazing to be able to pick up some further tips."


Conference Call International - Zoe

"Craig is a fantastic facilitator. He is very knowledgeable, a great presenter/speaker, he is warm and very positive. Clearly a subject matter expert. Great experience, and great to meet him. Thanks Craig!"


Conference Call International - Sidney

"Craig was very knowledgeable and encouraged a lot of engagement. I learned a lot of tips and tricks on how to better manage my time and be more productive."


Conference Call International - Paul

"Craig was an excellent facilitator who listened to us and has us interact. Craig coordinated an excellent overview of project management essentials and would highly recommend this course. Great focused course content, well presented."


Conference Call International - Jolanta

"Thank you for a great day. It was very interesting and informative. I benefited from the new info and tools very much. Gained understanding and tools to manage projects as well as increase productivity in general. It was easy to follow and understand content. The day was interactive and the material very interesting."


Financial Ombudsman Service - Rebecca

"The course gave me a good understanding of how to manage a project from start to finish. I have not taken part in project management but this course gave me the confidence to want to start managing projects. Robin was an excellent facilitator – dynamic + knowledgeable."


Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Registration - Rosa

"Great hands on knowledge which Robin used as examples for explanations. His knowledge came from experience, not a text book. It was great that the program was not set in concrete and could be structured around the participant’s needs."


Dairy Australia - Jesse

"Robin is highly approachable and engaging in his presentation style and he presented his information clearly. This was a great opportunity to not only reinforce my existing knowledge but to enhance my skill set to be better equipped to tackle the project management required in my role."


Vic State Emergency Services - Nicole

"A great overview of the project management environment coupled with lots of useful tools for projects big and small. I’ll definitely be implementing these in my work day."


Capital[b] - Rob Sattler

"Very thorough workshop. Robin was very good and knows his stuff. Robin really knew what he was talking about and was very engaging and confident in delivering the content of the course."


Department of Health and Human Services - Katie

"The course was very thorough and covered exactly what I requested through the pre-course survey. I liked that there was theory, examples, exercises, text etc but also focussed on following initiative and not on complicating matters."


Epworth Healthcare - Megan

"I’m excited to go back to the workforce and start using some of the tools that I’ve been give. The course was a good refresher and very practical. It’s reinspired my interest in project management. Robin provided good examples/scenarios throughout the day and lots of great little tips. I will be sending staff through this course before they embark on any major project."


Connexity - Aazim

"Loved the course Project Management Essentials. Would surely recommend it to anyone who needs it. Robin has been excellent and helped clear the doubts that arose during the course. The course gives a lot of insights into Project Management. I learnt a lot of things I can improve on."


Oxfam Australia - Henny

"Robin is a great facilitator, rich in experience. Very good first step into PM world for me. Most of the topics are known already, but I got some useful best practices and acknowledgement. Very useful new findings! Especially the electives after 4pm."


The Australian Ballet - Jasmine

"Great tips to help with current job. Tailored well to needs of the group. Feel more aware about how projects run start to finish."


Swatch Group Australia - Sandra

"Class delivered in an interactive and engaging way. Based on concrete examples which makes it easy to understand and retain."


Department of Health and Human Services - Megan

"Robin provided a good overview, practical tips and hints. I feel that my confidence in managing a project has increased and the aura around “project management” has been demystified."


Specsavers - Kate

"I think the best aspect of this course was that we were able to apply the techniques to projects we were all working on. It's a lot easier to understand and put things into practice when it can be used in a practical sense. Gill was really keen to help us all and anything that we need moving forward."


Specsavers - Sally

"The course was delivered extremely well and the supporting materials were great takeaways. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone."


Specsavers - James

"The facilitator was very flexible to our needs as a group. The content covered was specific to our needs and this ensured engagement throughout. The different models such as RACI will definitely assist moving forward. I also enjoyed applying current situations and projects to the models that were being discussed as this provided further clarity. Great course I as can apply to my role immediately."