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Team building workshops

A fun and engaging approach to team building

We facilitate fun and highly effective team building workshops. Great teams produce amazing results for your organisation. In those teams, members are proactive, engaged, positive, and productive. But how do they get that way?

We can assist you by facilitating fun and highly effective corporate team building workshops focusing on your needs, which could include:

  • improving cooperation
  • fostering communication
  • improving relationships
  • motivating team members
  • boosting collaboration
  • creating a team identity
  • establishing a new team
  • promoting productivity
  • boosting morale
  • having fun while learning about each other
  • helping to deal with change.

Our process:

  1. Establish your desired outcomes of the corporate team building session.
  2. Facilitate a diagnostic of the team. Team members need to understand:
    • themselves
    • others in the team
    • team dynamics.
  3. Establish a plan of activities and timelines to achieve the goals and embed the new culture
  4. Ensure there are tangible outcomes and a clear action plan.
  5. Help you keep on building the team beyond the session.

The team diagnostic to understand yourself and others

We can use many different tools and instruments to analyse the current team situation and possible challenges. They range from online tools completed prior to the session to self-assessing paper surveys or games and activities run during the workshop.

Examples of such tools: DISC, MBTI, Facet5, HBDI, Lencioni’s 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team, Jensen-Tuckman, etc

Adding training elements to team building facilitator

Depending on your goals, we can include interactive and engaging training elements. For example:

  • communication skills
  • influencing skills
  • assertiveness skills
  • conflict management skills
  • leadership skills
  • time management skills
  • customer service skills (internal and external)
  • meeting management.

DIY Team Building

You can also learn how to organize your own team building facilitator session in our DIY Team Building workshop. Read more

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