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Leading and Managing Virtual Teams

Are your leaders now managing a virtual team? They may be:

    • Worried about leading their team remotely, when this is new to everyone
    • Unsure how to maintain effective collaboration and communication when everyone is working remotely – often for the first time
    • Wondering how to be sure people are OK and on track.

This online training workshop will build the skills and confidence that ‘Remote-Ready’ leaders need. Leaders will learn to bring the virtual team along and support team members to be productive while changing the way they work.

Tailored virtual workshop on managing remote teams – for clients in Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


This virtual team management training program is designed for people who manage a remote team.


In this leading remote teams training program you learn how to:

  • Agree expectations with team members for this new way of working
  • Create a sense of community and continuity through team routines and commitments
  • Manage performance and workloads remotely
  • Run engaging team meetings using Zoom or other technology to ensure productive collaboration
  • Support team members through this challenging time of change and isolation so that they can be productive

In this Managing Virtual Teams training workshop, participants create their personal ‘Remote Ready Leadership Playbook’. This playbook consists of:

  • Tailored strategies to manage their virtual team
  • Practical steps to immediately implement the strategy with the team.

Delivered in-house at your premises or in a virtual environment

We deliver our training programs either through:

Tailored virtual management course

As this workshop is aimed at people managing other people remotely, we recommend facilitating the program via a virtual workshop environment, which will allow the facilitator to role model effective online behaviours.

We deliver the virtual workshop via Zoom or any video conferencing system your organisation prefers.


We will tailor this virtual team management workshop to your team’s situation and your organisation.


Typical duration: two sessions of 1.5 hours delivered over two successive weeks.


Leading the virtual team

  • Setting direction for the virtual team.
  • Agreeing on expectations with the remote team:
    • outcomes
    • milestones
    • routines
    • commitments
    • checking-in.
  • Maintaining community and connection:
    • collaboration tools
    • team rituals.

Leading individuals

  • Managing individual performance:
    • agreeing expectations
    • providing encouragement and feedback.
  • Creating a sense of safety and building trust.
  • Supporting and coaching your staff to work remotely – skills and tools.

Leadership presence

  • How to run engaging team meetings using online platforms to ensure productive collaboration.
  • Finalise your Remote Ready Leadership Playbook.

Brief workshop overview and tips to manage a virtual team

Watch this video from one of our facilitators Justine Coleman. She gives practical tips for managing a virtual team and explains the content of the Leading Remote Teams training workshop.

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