Conflict Management Testimonials


Queensland Audit Office – Robert

"Naomi was very engaging and provided great context through strong examples."


Frankston City Council – Jamie-Lee

"Michael was very engaging, very easy to listen to. He had so much to teach us. This course was not dry at all. Michael didn’t just read points on the slides like some other facilitators, he really promoted group discussion and allowed us to hear different points of view. He demonstrated real life experiences and gave me tools that I will take away. Absolutely invaluable! 5/5 for Michael!!"


Banyule City Council – Karen

"Paul was informed, practical and encouraged group input. Awesome examples and relevant lived experiences."


Studio Pilates – Sam

"Naomi was very confident and knowledgeable. Probably the best workshop I've ever done. Very relatable with real life skills."


Peninsula Leisure – Nicole

"Even after many years in customer service I still learned many things and found it informative. A good check in to remind myself of how my behaviour is perceived by customers."


Swatch Group Australia - David

"Mark was amazing. I believe everyone in my team should do it. Informative – learnt a lot. Loved every minute. Would definitely recommend it."


Sirius College – Selin

"Graham was absolutely fantastic and engaging throughout the entire session. He was interactive and thoughtful in his approach to delivering the content and I felt empowered leaving the session. Thank you, Graham for speaking with us today!"


Frankston City Council – Penny

"The session was really engaging and informative. It was good to use real life case studies. Thank you."


Ento - Aulay

"Thanks again for organising this. We are all pretty slammed for time this week but at a minimum I wanted ICML to know that Simon's approach and style landed really well and we all left the session feeling better equipped. Definitely 10 and excellent on your attached scale. We will be in touch with more feedback where possible."


Studio Pilates – Participant

"Naomi was approachable and personable. She shared personal experiences and really made an effort to engage with each person in the class and understand the business."


VETASSESS – Jennelyn

"The program is very useful and Jill has an excellent knowledge and experience based on how organised and the way she deals with the questions from the participants."


Estia Health – Darran

"Naomi was knowledgeable. Used good scenarios, very easy to put into practice. Great session. "


Nationwide Towing and Transport - Kerri

"I enjoyed the workshop and was very impressed at how content was geared to our industry. It was obvious that Monique spent some time to ensure our experience was relevant to our industry. "


Transdev NSW – Kiersten

"David was fantastic in his knowledge and delivery. He was incredibly engaging and related well to participants. "


Luna Park – Stephanie

"Very informative session! "


Swatch Group Australia - Nick

"This course has made me reassess my management skills and style and provide a structure to improve and develop my skills. Justine was very professional, excellent communicator and structured the content in a meaningful and logistic format. Good balance of theory and practice."


Valmet - Jose

"Paul was well spoken, informative and friendly. Great job, keep it up. Life changing stuff."


Victorian Music Development Office – Sweetie

"Unbelievably helpful! I think my usual responses to conflict will be turned on their heads and I feel equipped with more understanding about how to navigate conflict!"


Tandem Building Group – Gabby

"Maggie has great knowledge on the subject and shared the knowledge beautifully. Very clear, detailed and great examples. The program has helped me to see the situations with a different point of view, understand people have different personalities and also ways to behave under pressure. Thank you Maggie! You have inspired me to make positive changes on my relationships with co-workers, family, friends etc."


RMIT University – Participant

"This was the best training session I have attended at RMIT. Suzanne was absolutely amazing and the content was very insightful, but practical. Would highly recommend it. "


Catholic Education Melbourne – Helen

"Paul was very articulate and knows his stuff. Comprehensive, practical and useful."


William Adams – Lauren

"I found Graham’s information on things to be excellent. His knowledge is fantastic. "


Luna Park – Participant

"Fantastic course. Graham has an excellent manner of speaking and getting important points across 10/10. "



"The training has lots of interesting examples. It is easy to absorb the information. The information and notes are great and easy to absorb. I have learned techniques of dealing with difficult customers. It will help me provide better customer service to clients."


Aurizon - Tamika

"Naomi is a fantastic facilitator, relatable and is confident in her knowledge of this program. Naomi is able to adapt and relate the course content to fit our needs more personally and explain/breakdown content clearly. Being a leader in customer service, this program helped me gain confidence to manage conflict in internal and external situations. "


Nationwide Towing and Transport - Seema

"The workshop was excellent, massive value out of it for everyone involved. Monique and team did an incredible job. Absolutely rapt with her work and will be recommending ICML as our preferred training organisation moving forward, so thank you!"


Valmet - Participant

"Paul kept the class engaged and interested in the discussion with great energy. Gave me skills that I can implement in my workplace and day to day activities."


William Adams – Susan

"Graham is very engaging. He moves through the materials at a good pace and is always very positive in his feedback. Now have some useful strategies to practise and use both at work and home."


Tandem Building Group – Brodie

"I found the workshop to be extremely interactive, engaging and enjoyable. Certainly exceeded my expectations. "


Tandem Building Group – Mick

"Practical information which was easy to relate to. By using personal experiences, I found it easy to communicate with Suzanne. "


RMIT University – Participant

"This session was way more interesting, dynamic and playful than the summary led me to believe - I thought I might be going to something fairly 'dry' but it wasn't at all. I have recommended it to my senior manager to use as an away day session, it was that good. I think ALL staff could really benefit from it - not just managers or team leaders. "


William Adams – Darren

"Graham is an excellent presenter, great involvement. Provides some additional tools and viewpoints to use in day to day interactions. "