Train the Trainer testimonials


Kingston City Council - Participant

"I wanted to enhance my skills in presenting. The training was very engaging and relevant. Ian was excellent and it was well set up. I enjoyed the face to face element. Highly recommend."


Siemens Energy - Rosie

"Lynne is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer. The TTT course was very well structured with plenty of interaction and activities to really cement the learning and application of the content."


SPP - Charles

"Fantastic day – time well spent! Good balance of content/activities; good engagement; good focus on pragmatic changes we can make. Took away a few key tips and tricks which I can immediately integrate into the way I do things."


Swatch Group Australia - Alicia

"Very engaging and memorable. After training on the same topic for some time, it is great to have the tools to make it fresh and engaging. Mark established credibility through actions!"


Toxfree - Sharon

"Dealing with training and coaching almost daily, I now have the tools to be able to do this more effectively. Thank you for a great day! I am leaving with a head full of knowledge and the confidence to tackle coaching and training."


Bottega Veneta - Asiara

"David really helped me achieve more direction and motivation about my role. The program added value to my role as a trainer and challenged existing perspectives on training. I found everything useful particularly engagement over content."


People’s Choice Credit Union – Craig

"Allan was great, very personal in his approach, listened and had a good talk to listen ratio. Allan has great ideas, knows how to relate to people to ensure they will have confidence leaving the program. The program reinforced the skills I have and techniques I currently use. Allan provided extra ideas that I can now use."


Swatch Group Australia – Sean

"Great use of creating structure for training programs. The facilitation was at a fast pace with very concise details. Terrific session that left me feeling confident in my approach to training moving forwards."


DHHS - Urgé

"Paddy was fantastic. He has a lot of knowledge, experience and skills. I would recommend this course and facilitator to others. "


Bottega Veneta - Travis

"The program was extremely well tailored to my needs and David explained it in a way which was easy to comprehend. I am feeling a lot more confident in my ability. "


Powercor - Deshia

"Rose made me feel incredibly comfortable through the entire day and coached me towards achieving my goals. She provided a lot of professional advice and has really steered me in the right direction. The interactive part of the one on one coaching was incredibly useful, it forced me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to confidently speak up. I would recommend ICML (Rose) to anyone who I thought could do with a little help to build their professional confidence in facilitation.’"


Defence Force School of Languages - Participant

"Paddy was a very good facilitator; knowledgeable, patient and articulate. He enlightened me on some ways to improve the way I run meetings."


Tandem Building Group - Gabriela

"Graham was able to bring some good examples and had a very clear way of presenting the content. I feel that the techniques I’ve learnt today can be applied to my work straight away and can help my interaction with stakeholders. I really liked the pace of the course, the amount of content was great for the time frame. Thank you Graham for sharing your knowledge with us."


SPP - Participant

"Outstanding! Embodied everything taught. Very agile, responsive, listening actively and very warm/likeable. Content was vitally important and worthy of our time – even though it seems obvious at first. Thank you Justine for this extremely useful session. I learned so much that I can use straightaway, and I’m looking forward to applying it in my next workshop!"


Western Region Health Centre - Brett

"Suzanne tackled a broad and potentially confusing brief with great skill – thanks."


Ballantyne Foods - Edward

"Delivery of information provided was exciting and helpful. Very helpful in provide a balance in delivering the topics. Fantastic in demonstrating key points and helpful to provide/ perform better training techniques."


Swatch Group Australia - Marcella

"Mark is energetic, gets everyone involved! You walk away new enhanced skills plus loads of confidence to succeed!!"


Toxfree - Matthew

"Excellent content which demonstrated the techniques and principles throughout the course itself. The structure to building training sessions is something that I lacked. Having the framework will allow me to be concise in the message or outcome I am trying to project and achieve. Presented in a simple yet effective manner. Essential to everyone and anyone looking to lead people."


Dairy Australia - David

"Dynamic presenter, well -structured with clearly articulated outcomes. The content is only as good as the way in which it is presented. Justine is a presenter who is able to stop, diverge and return to the central theme whilst answering personal questions about their approach and technique – not common. Well done Justine and thank you."