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A team is only as good as its leader. The person put in charge will motivate the rest of the members, encourage them to give their best performance and set an example for the rest to follow.

Of course, that means that the opposite is also true: a leader who is ill-equipped for the role can plummet morale, impede teamwork and see that all the potential in your organisation is wasted. Investing in your managers to make sure they’re ready to handle anything that comes their way is a must.

Our course is designed to equip your leaders with the practical skills that they need to succeed and take your organisation to the next level. We help participants identify their strengths, or tools they can use to leverage the strengths they are already aware of, and help create a game plan for the future.

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Tailored Advanced Leadership training program – virtual or in-house training for clients in Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra – all regional areas – Asia – and anywhere else


Our advanced leadership course is designed for those who have been in management roles for at least five years and who have previously taken part in a leadership course. Above all, participants should be looking to develop their effectiveness as a leader and be determined to improve their skills.

Course outcomes

After completing our advanced leadership course, your leader will be able to:

  • Determine a long-term leadership vision
  • Have a better understanding of their leadership strengths and weaknesses, and what they need to do to improve
  • Approach difficult conversations with confidence
  • Consider the bigger picture in their leadership strategy
  • Build highly productive teams that can collaborate and work towards their goals
  • Coach team members and help them reach their potential
  • Cultivate relationships with team, colleagues and stakeholders
  • Lead and implement change

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Our advanced leadership courses are available to organisations all across Australia. We deliver content either via in-person workshops at your office or our online coaching program, depending on your preference.

We deliver our advanced leadership training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or any other location in Australia or overseas. Please ask us how we can tailor our program to your leaders and organisation.

Why should experienced managers attend this leadership training program?

No matter how many years your leaders have been in the business, there are always areas to grow. After all, we can’t be good at everything!

Whether it’s managing the interpersonal aspect of a team, guiding members towards a bigger picture or ways that they can enact a long-term vision in their role, even the most experienced leaders can improve their skill sets

One of the most reliable signs of a good leader is continued efforts for self-improvement. As Kevin Eikenberry says, the best leaders are always lifelong learners. Our course is perfect for those who are hungry for more and want to take the next step in becoming an effective leader.

There’s a reason that leadership training is a $366 billion global industry (and growing). Good leaders aren’t born — they’re made.

Lifelong learning is the key to strong leadership. Organisations need leaders who are dedicated to constant growth and are willing to embrace new ideas.

Not to mention the fact that leadership styles and tactics evolve over time. The world is ever-changing, meaning the needs of your employees and the people you serve are changing too. Without the right preparation, even the best leaders will stagnate.

Programs such as ours provide your people with a space for leadership development, equipping them with the tools they need to advance their management to the next level. Whatever they may struggle with, having an expert outsider who can assess the best way forward is an invaluable experience.

Get the best out of your people

There are many types of management; not all are effective in every scenario. Whatever leadership style your managers take, we can help them adapt to teams of all sorts and achieve the results they want to see.

Whatever area they struggle with, or simply want to improve on, we can ensure that they receive the quality coaching they need from our sessions.

Training courses tailor-made for your organisation

Although many of the qualities of the best leaders are the same — good communication skills, self-awareness, decisiveness — the application will differ in different contexts. What works for one organisation may fail spectacularly for another.

That’s why we design our program around you, not the other way around.

We know that as an organisation, you have certain goals and needs. Certain topics may be more relevant to your leaders and organisation than others. We can design a course based on your request, ensuring that you get the most value out of your management course.

Not sure what you need in an advanced leadership program? No problem! Our leadership experts will be happy to provide you with options.

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Some of the management course topics we can include in a tailored program:

    • advanced communication skills
    • rapport building
    • how to create a culture of trust
    • emotional intelligence for leaders
    • influencing and persuasion skills
    • influencing without using formal authority
    • stakeholder management
    • listening skills for leaders
    • dealing with different personality and behavioural styles
    • identifying and adapting their leadership style
    • developing their leadership brand
    • getting into the habit of big picture thinking and acting
    • delegating
    • adapting their leadership to the will and skill of team members
    • coaching as a leadership skill
    • conflict management skills
    • conflict mediation
    • setting goals; for self, team and organisation
    • creating performance monitoring systems
    • giving feedback that motivates
    • giving constructive feedback
    • managing difficult, or courageous conversations
    • performance management and addressing underperformance
    • understanding team dynamics
    • Lencioni’s ‘Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team’
    • Identifying Belbin’s team roles
    • creating motivated high-performance teams
    • strategic leadership skills training
    • leading change
    • creating a cultural shift
    • building a resilient organisation
    • talent management
    • succession planning
    • the legal and leadership aspects of termination and redundancy
    • time management for leaders and executives
    • planning for senior managers
    • creating and communicating vision of department or organisation
    • organisational values and culture
    • decision making and behavioural economics
    • creative problem-solving and critical thinking
    • finance for non-finance managers
    • financial acumen
    • DISC, MBTI, HBDI, LSI, Facet5 and many more instruments and tools.

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