Facilitation Skills testimonials


University of Melbourne – Carlie

"Friendly, welcoming and safe environment to learn from Margo and others."


Victoria Police – Tania

"Ian was a fabulous facilitator who engaged the group and encouraged meaningful discussion adding to the overall value of the training."


HMA Healthcare Management Advisors – Wayne

"I’m an experienced facilitator, but no formal training in this skill set. I found the session useful in expanding my tool kit."


Dairy Food Safety Victoria

"Maggie was very professional and engaging especially in remote format. "


Bottega Veneta - Asiara

"David really helped me achieve more direction and motivation about my role. The program added value to my role as a trainer and challenged existing perspectives on training. I found everything useful particularly engagement over content."


Victoria Police - Zabrina

"Some of the best training I have ever attended. Justine gave me a fresh perspective and skills that I can use every day at work!"


DHHS - Urgé

"Paddy was fantastic. He has a lot of knowledge, experience and skills. I would recommend this course and facilitator to others. "


Bottega Veneta - Travis

"The program was extremely well tailored to my needs and David explained it in a way which was easy to comprehend. I am feeling a lot more confident in my ability. "


Tandem Building Group - Gabriela

"Graham was able to bring some good examples and had a very clear way of presenting the content. I feel that the techniques I’ve learnt today can be applied to my work straight away and can help my interaction with stakeholders. I really liked the pace of the course, the amount of content was great for the time frame. Thank you Graham for sharing your knowledge with us."


SPP - Khai

"Justine practises what she preaches – very refreshing for her to go through techniques and then highlight examples of how she demonstrated those techniques earlier in the session. Raised very interesting and equally important aspects of facilitation that we often perceive as optional (eg. reading body language to gauge engagement). Absolutely enjoyed Justine’s training session especially around her different styles of keeping us engaged and demonstrating her examples and techniques during the session."


Moonee Valley City Council - Vicky

"Fantastic! Really helpful and useful techniques. Justine is very engaging and I would recommend the course to others – very helpful. The course was straight forward with helpful strategies I’m able to use in developing my skills of staff management. I am feeling much more confident after completing this session."


Wyndham City Council - Hayley

"Great introduction to facilitation with useful tools and ideas for implementation in the workplace. Justine is professional and personable. I feel like I have some great tools to go away with and make great changes."


Dairy Australia - David

"Dynamic presenter, well -structured with clearly articulated outcomes. The content is only as good as the way in which it is presented. Justine is a presenter who is able to stop, diverge and return to the central theme whilst answering personal questions about their approach and technique – not common. Well done Justine and thank you."


SPP - Nino

"Justine provided excellent explanations and examples to help me understand better, especially with my limited experience of facilitation. I liked that Justine paused sometimes and asked if we observed how she was using the techniques in this facilitation. These examples were the best way to understand and memorise theory part better. Thank you Justine! It was an amazing facilitation and I learned a lot from it."