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Professional development and effectiveness training

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Resilience and Dealing with Change

We are under increased pressure to do more in less time, under ever faster changing circumstances. Build resilience and positive attitudes by using solid strategies to cope with pressure and change.

This course helps develop strategies to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Learn techniques to see problems as opportunities and failures as preliminary successes. Read more

Change Agility

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of change around us. However, the more change agile we are, the easier it is to anticipate and deal with change. When you’re change agile you are able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Resilience helps us recover from change. Change agility takes a step further and builds the skills and mental state to create your own future. After this tailored in-house Change Agility workshop participants will be able to move quickly and decisively when facing change. Read more

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

This tailored in-house workshop will help participants to deal with excessive stress by reducing the demands and increasing resources to manage the stressors in their life. Read more

Time Management – Creating Smart Habits

With the frantic pace of the current work environment it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. People know they need to prioritise and minimise time wasters. But do they look back at their day and wonder what they’ve achieved?

After this fast paced and highly efficient Time Management training participants will re-energised to manage their priorities and those of their stakeholders. They’ll look forward to dealing with distractions, managing people’s expectations and being highly productive. Read more

Working Productively from Home

With the current change to many workplaces, people need to adapt to working from home. The way they communicate with their colleagues and manage their workload will help them to be productive and deal with distractions and interruptions.

This time management when working remotely training workshop will show participants how to manage their time efficiently, avoid procrastinating and prioritise tasks when working from home. Read more

Working Effectively Using Project Management Techniques

Planning and managing tasks in a project oriented way is a key skill for success at work and at home. Whether it’s planning a birthday party or preparing an annual report, we all work on projects.

This training in project management techniques will make participants feel comfortable managing activities efficiently and effectively, using a simplified project management process. Read more

Managing Meetings

This meeting management training course reveals how to turn unproductive meetings into creative powerhouses. This tailored in-house program will make participants known for organising and facilitating smooth and effective meetings. Read more

Professional Networking

Participants will learn how to create networks inside and outside of their organisation. They’ll learn skills and tips to connect with people and hold engaging conversations. After this course they will be confident to create business relationships and use them when it matters. Read more

Mindfulness at Work

Are your team members easily distracted at work and tend to jump from one activity to the next? Being mindful helps. Mindfulness is the ability to focus with a calm and confident mind.

When people are mindful they are less distracted and can access more of their potential at work. It’s not a surprise then that Google, Facebook, Intel, SAP Software and the House of Lords are investing heavily in mindfulness training programs. After this practical mindfulness training course, participants will boost their performance by harnessing their wandering mind and bring calm to everything they do. Read more

Creative Problem Solving

Does your team sometimes struggle to find new and better ways to do things? Natural creative talent is useful, but you can also develop your creativity. Through training and practise you can become the person that people turn to when problems need to be solved.
Finding innovative solutions requires the ability to sort through relevant facts and put them together in ways that work. After this Creative Problem Solving course participants will feel confident creating new solutions to complex problems. Decision making will be easier. Read more

Self Leadership

Self Leadership can be defined as ‘influencing yourself to achieve your objectives’. To lead ourselves, we need to be aware of who we are and what we aim to achieve.

This program helps participants to develop the mindset and skills to become an empowered and productive contributor to their organisation. Read more

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