Performance Management testimonials


Mt Alexander Shire Council – Tammy

"Extremely valuable. Very thorough content, presented confidently and professionally."


West Gate Tunnel Project – Allan

"Great leadership course, it’s always good to sit down and reflect on areas where we can improve as managers. Mark is a great facilitator, really enjoyed it."


Australia Post – Lyn

"Craig highlighted new ways of approaching staff when behaviour falls. He was knowledgeable about the subject as such the session was engaging and interesting. One of the better training sessions I have attended during my time as a manager. Very practical and sensible advice, Craig is indeed very skilled at presenting this topic."


Swatch Group Australia – Anusha

"Mark covered the performance management and delegation techniques thoroughly. Really enjoyed the course!! "


Victoria Police – Participant

"This program is absolutely fantastic and Lynne was amazing! I think everyone should do this! I feel so much better equipped to deal with problematic staff but also with good staff who deserve feedback."


MediRecords – Rachel

"Steve has a wonderful way of getting through the content without you realising that you have gotten through it. His style of recognising, flexing and adapting to the needs of the group and individuals is great! Would love to work with Steve again and will be in touch re possible future workshops for the team."


Australian Council for Educational Research – Jess

"This was the most useful, enjoyable and practical workshop I have attended since being at ACER. Thank-you."


Senversa – Steve

"Justine was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Made the group feel very comfortable very quickly, which led to open discussions. Very well-presented course, that teaches practical skills for providing feedback and coaching team members."


Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment – Kevin

"Matthew was very engaging. He delivered a concise, effective training that embedded essential and important points on conversations and performance."


Swatch Group Australia - James

"Thought that enthusiasm was great and amount of involvement kept it interesting. This involved a lot of action and suggestions to implement. Very well structured and adequate involvement and explanations. "


Victoria Police - Laura

"Very engaging. Great activities. Lynne was very knowledgeable, direct and honest about how to tackle conversations."


Moonee Valley City Council - Emily

"Justine had me engaged from the beginning and I enjoyed both her interaction with us and our participation. "


BMW - Mark

"I found the program very informative. Would have liked it to be longer so more theories could be considered. Mark was very engaging and made the material interesting and enjoyable. "


Berry Street – Jess

"Excellent training really enjoyed the day and have many things to take back to the team. Lynne held my attention all day."


Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment – Bianca

"Very interactive! With my role as manager, I am continuously providing feedback and this program and how Matthew presented it really helps with that. "


Victorian Ombudsman - James

"Maggie has a good relaxed style and gave relevant examples. Really good to get different ideas about how to manage staff and provide feedback."


Victoria Police - Rob

"Lynne was engaging and didn’t skip a beat. Fantastic facilitator and obvious expert knowledge. Great framework provided."


Swatch Group Australia - Nick

"This course has made me reassess my management skills and style and provide a structure to improve and develop my skills. Justine was very professional, excellent communicator and structured the content in a meaningful and logistic format. Good balance of theory and practice."


Victoria Police - Participant

"The skills learnt from today I do believe I will take these learnings throughout my whole career and life. Thank you"


Victorian Ombudsman - Shannyn

"Thanks Maggie – super interesting, very relevant, and beautifully explained course!"


Moonee Valley City Council - Kay

"Justine delivered an interactive strong session- dynamic presenter giving a positive attitude to complete the job! "


Moonee Valley City Council - Jason

"Fantastic facilitator – extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend course to anyone doing PEP/PES – this makes the process clear and understandable. "


Moonee Valley City Council - Bianca

"Justine was very engaging and was able to have open discussions. I enjoyed the small group size and was really able to participate and be heard. "


Swatch Group Australia - David

"Mark engaged well, great knowledge and encouraged conversation. Reinforced my management style and gave me a few new methods. "


Swatch Group Australia - Joanna

"Mark was excellent! He spoke well, was engaging, used great examples, applied the theories and I loved the mix of different methods eg. group activities, videos, role plays etc. The workbook and handouts were excellent and useful. Enjoyed learning a theory but also knowing strategies to use when something wasn’t working. Videos and team activities were excellent. "


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Jazz

"Mark is an excellent facilitator, one of the best sessions I’ve completed. "


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Eva

"Mark was funny and clear. He had excellent suggestions and used real life stories to relate to us. I really enjoyed the session. "


BMW - Participant

"Mark has excellent knowledge of leadership and managing performance. Great tempo and style. "