Diversity, Wellbeing and HR training testimonials


Stake – Renata

"Thanks for the workshop. It was very important for us to better understand how our brain works and how to change our minds about certain biases."


CG Live - Steve

"Jill was very engaging and informative. Learning strategies to counter unconscious bias was beneficial."


Acciona – Participant

"Great training content and excellent facilitation. Thanks so much Jill!"


Victorian Music Development Office – Laura

"ICML’s Unconscious Bias workshop was highly beneficial and eye-opening for me. I look forward to seeing the processes in motion in our workplace. Jill was an absolute pro. "


Corona Manufacturing – Dipal

"The workshop was excellent, very interactive and kept us engaged throughout the workshop."


SKF – Sarinder

"Simon is a gem, very enthusiastic about the topic and engages the participants very well."


Chandon – Thomas

"Very well constructed and clear, good information we sometimes do with our intuitions but now with plan and method in mind it will be very valuable to ensure success of our recruitment."


Qudos Bank – Cameron

"Steve truly kept the whole audience engaged REMOTELY. That is not an easy task to do and he did it so naturally. He was able to confidently break down the barriers of managers and a lot of important tools and techniques were provided that will help foster a psychological safe environment."


Notice Board Systems – Adam

"Matthew was engaging and we received valuable skills we can use immediately. Very engaging and enjoyable. "


Godfreys – Stephanie

"Jill’s way of facilitating the learning outcomes we were seeking was brilliant. Zoom was great and having the breakout rooms allowed us an opportunity to speak and play around with different ideas we have. One of the more engaging online sessions I have been part of. Thank you for today I learnt so much."


Tourism Australia – Emma

"This was an excellent course - full on great insights and practical tips that will help me personally with recruitment in the future."


Moonee Valley City Council – Stephanie

"Great facilitator! Really engaging – the topics and information was great. Having worked with ICML for different sessions, the customer relationships and service they provide is exceptional. They always deliver great quality training. Feedback is always outstanding – thank you. "


Corrections Queensland – Jennifer

"Suzanne kept the training engaging and fun despite the topics being quite serious. She covered all content as requested and I believe will have made staff stop and think, as well as myself."


Baw Baw Shire Council - Maida

"We covered so much ground in this session and it’s given me so many tools to work with. I loved the live online workshop - really well facilitated by Simon."


Godfreys – Stacey

"Really informative and interactive. I found the live online workshop more convenient, I felt involved, I was able to absorb the information and it was a good feeling to learn as a group. "


Victorian Music Development Office – Nick

"This is such an important program, delivered with the upmost care and professionalism! The learnings are vital to improving the workplace and the community generally."


Victoria Police – Marion

"Thank you for a great session. Very thorough (able to meet Jill beforehand), simple process, excellent customer service."


Toxfree Perth - John

"Jill is a great presenter. Really enjoyed the session. Good course materials and good group participation."


Water Technology – Participant

"The training delivery was excellent and engaging. Vanessa was excellent at getting people to talk about their issues and observations,"


Toxfree Sydney - Aaron

"Best training course I have attended in 3 years. Jill best presenter of a course I have attended for a long time. Thank you."


Icon by Design – Anthony

"I was very impressed. Steve was able to take a very serious topic and be educational, informative and uplifting - while driving home his points. It was an unexpected approach but it made the topic approachable for everyone. I just wish we had more time!"


CG Live – Tom

"Despite having learnt about very similar ideas and info at University (studying Psychology) it was a lot more practical. The booklet, slides and Jill were all very well informed. "


Toxfree Melbourne – Chris

"Jill was knowledgeable, presented well and kept the session flowing and interesting. I would recommend this to others. "


Victorian Music Development Office – Damian

"Jill was a fantastic facilitator and explained all facets in great detail. Program had some great videos and reference material. "


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital – Elizabeth

"Jill was knowledgeable with lots of great examples. A very relevant and useful course. Eye opening."


Victorian Music Development Office – Jaime

"Jill is very competent, clear and personable. Encouraged participant interaction so it was an open discussion and therefore beneficial. Opened my thinking to some of the biases I may be applying to my daily thinking and decision making."


Toxfree Perth - Mick

"Great introductory HR course! Jill was knowledgeable and interactive! Great structure, informative for managers/admin and alike."


Toxfree Sydney - Tony

"Better tools for developing skills for interview processes. Recognise and respect employee’s rights more thoroughly. Very thankful to Jill. Happy with the entire presentation."


Toxfree Brisbane - Matthew

"The workshop was rewarding and has given me insight into people management and a strong framework to build teams that deliver the right result for the organisation. Jill was excellent, engaging and informative."


African Port and Rail Services - Shirlene

"Rose is very knowledgeable and a professional trainer. Skills provided from training were specific and relevant. These are skills that every HR Manager needs to have."