Writing in Government testimonials


Energy Safe Victoria – Eliana

"Lynne is a fantastic training facilitator because she made learning simple, interactive & enjoyable. During our virtual Business Case training with Lynne, I noticed a significant difference between self-paced online learning and a personalised training program, like the one delivered by ICML. I have learned and absorbed more information in one day’s worth of training (delivered via 90-minute sessions over multiple weeks) than I have in last 6 months while completing a self-paced online Project Management course."


Department of Treasury and Finance – Natalie

"Lynne is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Lynne has a high level of knowledge and is a clear communicator. Fun!"


WorkSafe Victoria – Michael

"Lynne is an accomplished presenter who retains people's attention by keeping things active. I love writing, believe I'm above average, and was happy to pick up a few tips to improve further. "


Central Highlands Regional Council – Bill

"Well done Lynne - very interactive, great examples across a range of disciplines and topics. Need to extend the program to as many staff as possible. "


Development Victoria - Kristy

"Loved the day and found it all very useful. Lynne is knowledgeable, interesting and effective. I came into the workshop wondering how to write more directly and effectively, and I got exactly that. "


Department of Treasury and Finance - Karen

"We have been utilising Lynne’s skills over the years. Lynne is our ‘go-to’ person for writing, editing, writing for government courses every 2-3 years. We will continue to do so. "


Development Victoria - Dean

"Lynne was fantastic and presented in a very informative style! Her delivery was excellent – very interesting. This program is very beneficial, as I am required to write business cases and reports in my role. "


WorkSafe Victoria – Lisa

"The most useful and productive training I have ever attended."


Forestry SA – Sonya

"Lynne was engaging and brought us out of our protective shells to access our own work constructively. Lynne was very thorough, entertaining, succinct and used relevant examples."


Cenitex – Jasmeet

"Lynne is an excellent coach who knows the subject extremely well and ran the course in an interactive and very enjoyable manner."


Central Highlands Regional Council – Participant

"The training was very informative and engaging. Zoom was also an effective platform for remote training."


Brimbank City Council – Pam

"Lynne is clear, concise and great communicator. Excellent at transferring knowledge. Provides feedback without causing embarrassment. Excellent training. Worth a full day out of the office due to the outcomes. Practical and results orientated. "


WorkSafe Victoria - Karen

"Loved it! I thought my writing skills were already high but I’ve learned there is lots of room for polishing and improvement! "


Central Highlands Regional Council – James

"Very informative, one of the best training sessions I have undertaken since joining local government. "


Development Victoria - Keri

"This is a fantastic course for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Examples were relatable and highlighted areas for improvement. Lynne is enthusiastic and full of knowledge. A great course – never a dull moment!"


WorkSafe Victoria – Abbey

"Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all tips and tricks for professional writing. Thanks for everything!"


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Carolyn

"I am already using the skills by referring to the quick reference guides and participant manual. I am now writing in the active voice and am clearly including my main message first. I have booked for the Advanced Business Writing workshop – I can’t wait."


Forestry SA - Leilani

"Lynne was very talented at engaging the group and facilitating active learning. I was alert and interested throughout the day."


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Claire

"A fantastic trainer and great session. I can’t wait for Lynne’s next course!"


Forestry SA - Anne

"I really enjoyed this course and can immediately deploy tactics I’ve learnt today, in my work. Lynne was a fantastic presenter, knowledgeable, funny and professional."


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Jodie

"I gained valuable information on audience, structure writing and the correct use of grammar and punctuation"