12 activities that are proven to enhance team building in the workplace

12 activities that are proven to enhance team building in the workplace


Team building is essential to any organisation’s success because it improves communication and collaboration among employees. Workers are more engaged, dedicated and productive when they feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Participating in activities that enhance teamwork and camaraderie can help foster that sense of belonging and openness.

Team building activities don’t have to be over-the-top events. In fact, it’s better to keep them low-key, inexpensive and, most importantly, convenient for employees. The best team-building exercises don’t break the bank and aren’t perceived as a chore — one more thing to think about on top of the job itself.

However, bear in mind that some people, especially if they’re neurodivergent, aren’t comfortable in social settings and prefer to work and be by themselves. Encourage your employees to take part but don’t force participation. Everyone is different, and a diverse melting pot is what makes organisations work!

That said, encourage your team members to:

  1. Play team sports: Many people enjoy being part of an office soccer team, for example. It’s a great way for employees to bond and stay healthy at the same time.
  2. Socialise outside of work: Organise a monthly meet-up at your local bar or pub so your team members can enjoy a drink (on the house) and forget about work for a while.
  3. Join committees: Whether it’s activism or just a hobby, being able to join groups like Book Club helps employees bond and learn about each other over a shared topic.
  4. Attend company wide or departmental meetings: Persuade team members to join all meetings, even if they’re optional (here’s where those incentives might come in handy).
  5. Training sessions or seminars: Professional development is crucial for every employee no matter their role, and group workshops proverbially kill two birds with one stone.
  6. Carpool or take public transportation to work: Not only will these employees be saving the environment, but they’ll get to spend quality time together.
  7. Eat lunch together in the company cafeteria: Having team members take their meals together in the same place is great for building relationships (if you have the facilities).
  8. Take breaks together: Short, regular breaks are essential for productivity and health, so encourage your employees to take them at the same time.
  9. Celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays: Send company-wide emails, post on the Slack channel and bring in some cake for a milestone or special occasion!
  10. Participate in team-building exercises: If you want to go the extra mile, organise events like obstacle courses or escape rooms to give employees a chance to spend time together.
  11. Volunteer for charity: Partner with an orphanage, community farm, animal shelter or any other charitable organisation. Get your team together to do good!
  12. Provide feedback to one another: The only way to build and improve teams and relationships is through communication, so make constructive reviews a priority.

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