Are you doing enough to alleviate the stress of your employees?

2 tips to create a stress-free environment for your employees


There’s no denying that everyone has something in their life which is likely to stress them out. Whether it’s personal relationships, the results of your favourite sports team or merely what you’re planning on wearing tomorrow, stress can drive you mad and in the worst cases even result in bad decisions.

If your workplace is filled with stress, even the smallest decision or indiscretion can be made incredibly difficult. So how do you stay calm, make the right judgements and inspire the same in your staff?

These tips should set you on the way to creating a work environment containing only good vibes and serenity.

Cure over prevention 

Trying to gauge when stress will arise can be a guessing game, so finding the right cure can be more important than the prevention.

Research by the Australian Psychological society has found the keys to dealing with stress can be relatively simple and easy to implement in the workplace. Simple solutions such as allowing employees to listen to music or having a place to watch TV and properly unwind during their breaks can have hugely beneficial effects.

Furthermore, the study found that something as simple as allowing staff to regularly check their social media feeds can also help. Whilst it’s important to ensure your staff stay productive, giving them the freedom to occasionally look at their Facebook or Twitter profiles throughout the day could be a simple and effective way to keep them on side and banish stress from the workplace.

Get to know your employees

It’s important for both you and your staff to keep in mind who’s in charge. However, engaging with your staff outside of the workplace can have a positive impact on alleviating stress.

Arranging evenings out or team-building days with your staff can not only help you get to know them better, but they may see a different side of you, too. Blurring the lines of the work-life balance will only benefit your staff’s overall sense of wellbeing, keeping them happier in the long run.

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