How can your organisation improve its engagement with women?

2 ways to improve female employee engagement


One of the biggest questions that currently stumps the commercial world is how businesses and organisations can engage and retain female workers. While management training providers know there is no clear answer, however, they also know that there are several actions managers can take.

As such, here are two ways to boost engagement with female employees.

1.Flexibile working arrangements

In order to create a positive and friendly working environment for female employees, managers should ensure that there is flexibility in their roles and the organisation.

Some examples of flexible working arrangements include the implementation of flexi-time plans, which offers workers the opportunity to choose their hours. Schemes such as these can offer female workers opportunities to balance their maternal commitments with workplace obligations.

Inflexible working conditions can shackle women and dissuade them from engaging in their work and the organisation in general. Removing these chains can unleash the leadership potential of female employees and allow them to adapt their work to their life events.

2. Baby-safe work environment

While many of the responses that circulate in management circles are self-explanatory and easily accomplished, some cause managers to wince. However, leaders at all levels should instead welcome actions that shake up the status quo.

In an interview with Forbes, Richard Sheridan – CEO of Menlo Innovations – said that the key to a productive, creative and engaged workplace is joy. To bring joy to his workplace, the CEO has allowed and actively encouraged workers to bring their children to work.

However, with issues such as these, there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate conversations. A communication skills training course can help managers address these matters and navigate the delicate but pertinent issues that face female workers on a daily basis.

If you would like to know more about employee engagement and communication training, make sure you talk to an experienced course provider today.

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