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3 big benefits to communicating through technology


We’re forever being told that technology is making us anti-social. Picture the stereotypical scene on the morning commute: everyone stares at their phone or tablet, they all look miserable and no one would even dare just strike up a conversation.

Whilst the traditional forms of communicating may be making society less social, there’s no reason why the same has to be said of conversing in business.

Being able to engage with clients and colleagues alike using the traditional norms is still key, but here’s how technology can streamline and improve your business communications:

Speed and efficiency

When communicating through technology – email or instant messaging for example – it can be much easier to be succinct and to the point.

Face to face communications can often lead to overly long conversations that include a fair bit of rambling. Messages that are short and sweet – as those sent through technology often are – can alleviate that problem.

Moreover, messages are relayed in real-time, meaning that no matter where you are in the world, you can get your point across instantly.

Potential for increased participation

Working in a large office or communicating with a number of clients simultaneously can often mean there is at least one person in the group that just isn’t at their most comfortable when engaging in face-to-face conversations.

Giving people the option to utilise technology in communications may surprise you when you find that those who appeared to be meek were merely putting up a front to hide any discomfort.

Have the best of both

With Microsoft and Skype recently announcing that their latest crop of releases in January 2015 will have a business focus, there’s no better time to experience what the blend of technology and face to face engagement could do for your business communications. Offering the best of both worlds, you can still read body language and gauge eye contact, but you and your equivalent could be in two completely different locations.

If you are looking to improve your interpersonal business skills in general, consider the communications skills training which ICML can offer, and get yourself on track to become a conversational and negotiation expert.

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