Do you struggle to get creative in your problem solving? These tips can help.

3 creative tips that will help your problem solving


‘Thinking outside the box’ has become an increasingly cliched term. Its definition is something that’ll often be disputed and many people will use it if they wish to present their simple ideas in a more convincing manner.

Whilst the concept may be surrounded by fluff, creative problem solving can be a key asset in business – if it’s used correctly. Here are some considerations the next time you want to be that little bit more innovative than your peers:

Make it relatable

When the problem is centred on a business issue, jargon and the sheer amount of stakeholders involved can make it difficult to find its root.

A simple and effective way to solve complications involves relating them back to everyday life. For example – if your problem is centred on something financial but the intricacies are far too complex to decipher – make it relevant by talking in terms that everyone can understand.

In this instance, comparing the issue with managing a household budget or breaking it down into more easy to consume chunks will see you and anyone else involved find a resolution faster.

Visualise issues

It can be easy to sit and talk about issues without understanding what the precise cause is.

Using visual aids such as mindmaps and flowcharts can be helpful. This can prove to be cathartic, as you’re physically writing out and subsequently seeing the issues. Furthermore, it is likely that you’ll find the right fix after seeing exactly where it is you’re going wrong.

Keep things simple

Using terms associated with creative problem solving such as ‘blue sky thinking’ can ultimately do more harm than good. People hear them and immediately think the solution to the problem at hand must be complicated and conceptual.

However, a lot of problems will have relatively simple explanations. If you use your time to find the root of an issue, rather than coming up with an overly elaborate solution, chances are you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

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