Here are three essential business writing skills.

3 essential writing skills for business


There are many skills needed in the business world, but I think one of the most underrated is effective business writing. Much of today’s communication happens in writing, so it’s vital you’re able to do so well.

Here are three of the most important writing skills you need for business.

Writing tenders and proposals

For many companies, the life of the business relies on winning contracts. If you’re part of such a company, tender and proposal writing is an incredibly important skill. You could be in a business that’s good enough to do many more jobs than you’re winning, but are falling down at the first hurdle because your bids aren’t up to scratch. Early in the process, potential clients have little else to go on other than your tender documents – get these right and your business can start seeing a lot more business.

Our tender and proposal writing course can help you do this. We’ll teach you how to analyse and understand your audience and write persuasively to their requirements.

Woman writing in notebookBeing able to write effective tenders is a valuable skill in a business that relies on winning contracts.

Writing reports

It’s no secret that business reports can be incredibly dry. And while they don’t need to be thrilling, they do need to engage their audience enough to get the message across.

Business report writing can be more than just reproducing a bunch of facts and figures. Our training course provides you with a framework for constructing reports that include all the vital information with no fat. No matter what the report’s for, finding those key messages and communicating them with fewer words is a huge part of effective writing. It makes the information much easier to digest and reading the report less of a chore than it otherwise could be.

Writing business cases

Case writing, like tenders, is an exercise in persuasion. Whether it’s for a new business initiative, an investment or anything in between, writing a business case requires constructing an argument for why something should happen, and then explaining how to make it so.

Our case writing course can teach you the processes for developing a business case, identify potential objections and answer them within your proposal, and compare the costs and benefits of alternative solutions.

To find out more about ICML’s business writing courses, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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