What apps can help you with project management?

3 online apps for project managers


Project management can be a challenging role for any individual. The success of the project often rests on the shoulders of the team leader. At the very least, they are the ones who have to hold the answers when things go wrong.

This is why it helps to have project management training under your belt. With the right skills and experience, you can confidently and effectively lead your team and give the project the best chance at success.

Having the top available tools at your disposal is the best way to ensure your leadership is pushing the project in the right direction. To help supplement your training and experience, here are three top online applications that can support you through project management:


When leading a project, staying on top of the hours spent working is a vital consideration. With Harvest, managers can assign time, tasks and budget to particular team members or clients.

Each employee can log and track their hours while you oversee the wider project. You can even install this app on your desktop or mobile to ensure resources for time management are available in any time or place.

Then, once a project has been completed or when you are required to give an update, you can easily publish the reports to communicate the project hours to your supervisor or client.


Asana is a task allocation tool that enables you to break a project down into bite-sized chunks and assign them to members of your team.

Once the project is allocated, Asana delivers email updates and alerts whenever a task is changed, completed or commented on.


This project management tool enables you to integrate your Google Drive, Calendar, Dropbox and Gmail into one simple task manager.

Team members can then access a holistic view of the project, with each individual’s contribution visible in its entirety. This is great for collaboration between individuals working in different locations.

Wrike is free for up to five users. For more, additional plans are available for purchase.

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