What can we learn from Jeff Weiner's speech?

3 things we can learn from Jeff Weiner


In a recent crash, LinkedIn’s shares dropped by close to 45 per cent – massive loss in value that will have wide-ranging repercussions. Yet, as those that have attended leadership training may know, negative events will happen, but it is what you do to fix it makes a great leader.

So, what can we learn from LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner and his response to one of the most trying times in the company’s history?

1. Communicating with employees

After the stock crisis, Jeff Weiner made an effort to talk to his employees using a biweekly all-staff meeting to address issues relating to nose-diving stock value. While many companies and CEOs would keep their cards close to their chest, Jeff took a different approach.

This CEO and great leader talked to his employees, which would reinforce their importance to the company. Rather than outsiders looking in, they were welcomed inside.

2. Speedy response

While communication skills training could help a leader address key issues without inciting panic, being a good leader is also about making strong decisions and responding to change quickly.

Firm decisions also come with the need to balance multiple parties and departments. In Weiner’s case, the decision to address LinkedIn employees was an example of managing the multiple aspects and stakeholders that can be affected by a crisis.

3. Reinforcing company vision

Unlike some people, Jeff Weiner did not just tell his employees that everything was going to be OK. Instead of veiling the problem, he took a different path. Standing in front of his 9,200-strong audience filled with worried and angry staff, Mr Weiner reiterated the company’s mission to lead change and affect innovation.

Great leaders do not sit back and let a crisis sweep them away, instead, they take the bull by the horns and effect change. If you would like to know more about leadership, talk to the experts in the field.

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