Are you looking to train your brain? Arithmetic can be a big help.

3 tips on using arithmetic to keep your brain sharp

Whether you’re staring at a computer screen all day or are just the type of person who loses concentration easily, maintaining that mental edge and being switched on at all times can be tough.

However, using maths and arithmetic skills that you may have left in the school classroom can be beneficial in jogging your mind in both personal as well as professional life. Here are three tips to help keep your mental dexterity at only the highest of highs:

Learn your weaknesses

If there is a specific area of mental arithmetic that drives you mad, identify it and use it to train your brain. Whether you’re terrible at division or loathe multiplication, learning your specific weaknesses can be cathartic and give you an exact idea of what you need to practise to ensure you stay sharp.

Get into a routine

The thought of practising maths everyday may send a shiver down your spine. However, you can do it in your own way. There are a whole host of apps and games that have arithmetic skills at their core. Downloading one to your phone or tablet and using it on your commute rather than staring aimlessly at the ceiling is a simple and effective way to keep your brain fit and functioning.

Understand issues

Do you take charge of some aspect of the finances at work but you’re consistently worried that you’ll mess up? Consistently trying to keep your brain active and switched on could solve your problems. If you can list a whole plethora of situations where brainjogging would have helped, then there’s no better time to start employing some of the techniques and tricks that could make your work life a lot easier.

If you’re interested in keeping your brain sharp and would like to do so by learning the basics of business arithmetic, why not consider the Finance and Budgets for Non-Finance Managers course available from ICML.

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