Three tips for giving effective presentations.

3 tips to a great presentation (and 2 things to avoid)

Presentations are a great way to put your communications skills in action. The ability to sell a product or pitch an idea to your clients or managers is crucial for success in many businesses.

Here are three things you should do (and two you should avoid) when presenting at work:

What you should do

1. Prepare

It is important to prepare not just yourself but the others in the meeting as well. Are there essential documents that can be shared prior to the presentation?

Ensuring everyone is on the same page when you get started will help minimise the time spent explaining the background of your project.

2. Include images/videos or other breaks in the info

A slide deck full of written information is likely to cause people to either switch off from your voice or simply stop following the presentation altogether.

Instead, try putting as little written information as possible in your presentation and using fun graphics and videos to support your ideas instead.

3. Follow up

Your work has not finished once the presentation is over. You need to remember to follow up with anyone who had questions or comments. Sending around a quick email to the attendees should help you gather feedback on both your idea and your presentation.

What you should avoid

1. Relying on PowerPoint or written notes

Reading directly from notes will likely lead to you speaking in a slow and monotonous voice. There is no way around it – even the most seasoned presenter can struggle to liven up a written speech.

Instead, memorise your points and present in a natural voice. Just make sure you have put plenty of practice in first.

2. Trying too hard to be funny

The jokes are likely to come, whether you want them to or not, if you are a naturally funny person. On the other hand, if you have to force the jokes in – they’re probably not worth it.

Don’t dress your presentation up with any unnecessary elements. However, it is important to hold on to your personality – no one wants to hear a bland speech from a brick wall.

Want to know more?

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