How can you get your workers back on top of their game?

3 tips to fix a team that doesn’t perform at its best


Even your best employees can have times they don’t perform to their potential. Knowing how to deal with team members who are stuck in a rut helps you re-build your high performing team.

Here are three key tips to help supplement your management training ensuring you can get your team members to perform at their best.

Identify the issues

The first step you should take when you notice performance is slipping is to identify the issues. In some cases, it may simply be that your team was not aware of your expectations.

Other situations, however, may be more serious. For instance, an employee facing troubles in the home or experiencing bullying in the workplace may experience a slump.

Once you have uncovered the potential reasons behind under-performance, you can then work on addressing these problems.

Try a fresh approach

A workplace rut is sometimes caused by employees becoming bored with their position. As their days all begin to merge into one big blur, their motivation can slip.

Change is as good as a holiday. Try tackling the project from a fresh angle or introducing unique and creative motivators. By making the work more interesting and new, you could see your team’s performance increase in line with their motivation.

Share your own experiences

We’ve all experienced a slump at some point in our career. Whatever the reason for our own under-performance, the methods used to overcome the rut can be a powerful motivator for your team.

By sharing your own experiences, you can inspire your workers to tackle their own issues. Additionally, their sentiment towards you as a manager may also improve – leading to an invaluable increase in loyalty, sentiment and overall performance.

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