Strike a pose: being confident doesn't come naturally to everyone, and these tips are here to help.

3 tricks that can boost your confidence at work


The line between confidence and arrogance is difficult to tread. People who are too cocksure will find it difficult to gain trust, while not being confident enough will often lead to the unfair title of pushover.

These problems are compounded in the work-related arena. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will boost your confidence, while ensuring that colleagues don’t mistake any of your actions for arrogance:

Speak to yourself

While this isn’t necessarily something that should be done out loud – unless you want to be on the end of some funny looks – working on how you ‘listen’ to your inner monologue can help develop confidence.

It’s easy to get in your own head about many things, and over-thinking can both literally and metaphorically be a headache. Thinking more in the third person and rationalising any petty anxiety can quickly help boost your confidence.

Body talk

How you hold yourself will give away a huge amount to colleagues. If you come across as nervous and withdrawn, it will hardly put them at ease.

Furthermore, non-verbal signals will affect the way you feel about yourself.

Take the time to really consider your own body language, and if needs be, strike poses that feel slightly over exaggerated. In difficult situations in particular, this can better help you control what’s going on and come across as more confident to your peers.

Play to your strengths

A great way to build confidence is by engaging in what you’re already good at.

While you don’t want to consistently fall into any comfort zone, being clear on your best assets and integrating them into the tasks you carry out everyday at work will quickly help you be more assertive.

Self-assurance is bred from knowing you can get the job done – and if you play to your strengths – your confidence will subsequently skyrocket.

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