Employee engagement should be approached one day at a time.

3 ways to improve employee engagement one day at a time


There are a huge number of studies out there telling us that employee engagement is a vital company consideration. With just 13 per cent of workers engaged worldwide (thanks, Gallup), many business leaders have grasped engagement as their main concern and are throwing significant resources towards boosting morale and increasing overall job satisfaction.

Moving forward, most managers and leaders are focused on how to improve engagement across their organisation as a whole.

Sure these long-term objectives are great for achieving sustainable results. However, some hard-working managers may find their leadership skills and efforts going to waste as employees fail to connect with organisation-wide goals.

It is therefore important that you avoid over-reaching and attempting to change your entire company, and instead consider these three tips for improving employee engagement – one day at a time.

Focus on the individual

Rather than considering engagement an organisational objective, try taking some time to focus on each individual. Often, employees feel disengaged because they are not personally connecting with their work or colleagues.

If you make time to speak with each member of your team about their work, you can help them find meaning and engagement.

Ask your employees what they want

While sitting down with your employees, remember to ask them what they want from their job. It is important to understand the goals and motivators of each worker instead of simply explaining the role from your point of view.

Once you have some understanding of what they want, it should be easier to deliver a more rewarding and engaging work experience to them.

Have fun!

Improving engagement in the workplace is often considered a key business objective, but it needn’t be a dry and corporate endeavour.

Share a few jokes and take time to laugh with your team during the workday and you could soon see your employees are happier to come into work each day.

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